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  • i already invited myself because i saw someone was in it and i was like BITCH PLEASE wasn't even invited hahaha. and you should add me on Facebook :p
    actually i read the workplace reading for population... its really interesting! and a great resource for the assignment.
    URGH ICF IS SO FREAKING BORING. I'm attempting to read the rest now but i just want to kill myself -.-
    did you get up to anything interesting this weekend? :)
    hmm yeah. i dunno yet. we go over the measuring health stuff this week, so ill see. i was thinking of doing the first one and could only think of one solid 'way' by enforcing relevant legislation - like you said oh&s and that was all hahaha. and then maybe something like effective workplace strategies such as enforcing internal policies to prevent stress.) is that what you were thinking? but i don't know haha. i just want a pass :p just spilling out what I'm thinking makes it sound more of an appealing topic! hopefully they go over the assignment in more detail soon!!
    and yeah kill me about the ICF. its not that easy to understand either (well for me anyway haha) and so i would sometimes have to reread a paragraph because generally I'm daydreaming haha. LOL i have NO IDEA why i thought julie was asian. i need to take more note in future :p
    yay! you guessed it ;) haha well julie and tiff are asian :p my best guess is tiff though!! and you have straight hair with streaks? or am i wrong? haha. i have to commend you on your guessing and remembering skills though!!
    as for maxine's cohort, thats where its a bit weird. My friend's friend in her second year pretty much used her brothers assignment (well not identical, but like same person and same sort of structure.) She JUST passed and he got 90%...she asked gupta why she got that mark and it was because he didn't like the person she interviewed wtf... but i dunno. maybe it was just a cover.
    for the other assignments i think ill be doing osteoarthritis as well and probably the second question, but I'm not sure as we will be covering the topic of measuring health in depth next week i think. how were you planning on approaching question 1? I thought that looked really interesting but complicated!
    and yes thats actually exactly why i hate it hahaha! stupid 'all of the above' option -.-
    as for the actual assignment, meh who knows. my friend spoke to the gupta and he was like you only need to write a little about the condition and stuff, but i don't remember the rest. also, my bad for the interviewing element i meant for the 500 word part! how we had to self-reflect and stuff, you don't need to bring the injury into it that much! the 1500 word bit is a different story! also you haven't confirmed! are you julia or tiffany? (if one of them!!)
    and for me, I'm just interviewing a friend who tore a ligament in her ankle from sport. although i agree, i reckon making it up could defs be done! I think the focus is on the actual interviewing element rather than the actual injury but i dunno. hopefully they go into more depth with that assignment coz i don't know much about what we have to do! a friend from another year told me that last year only 40% of the cohort passed -.-. i think ill start the annotated bibliography as well the others I'm scared about :S and urgh i know about anatomy. its a real pain. but i actually hate population a lot more i don't know why haha! and I'm a bit offended you knew the other two girls' name and not mine :p haha just kidding I'm horrible with names as well!! I've probably spoken to you irl anyway hahaa !
    i think i was SUPER lucky this week for the quiz. the questions i had were really easy, like i barely even needed a textbook! the questions i had were: what is the focus of a behaviourist model of health, the name of the old guy in the lecture notes from last week (engels), what is psychological or something (word for word in the textbook) and the easiest of all, what does CSDH (that is, that framework thing) stand for. i was really lucky this week but i wouldn't count on it in future -.-! one of my friends had really tricky questions, so i think this week compensated for the stupid question i had last week!
    nope not christy or erin. you're so close its crazy haha. and i have no idea which julia! but i do know visually which one you are. We had a conversation I think about chapter 19 in the textbook hahaha. I've got an interviee, doing my friend who had a ligament injury. and nah haven't started the other topic test yet. I'm too scared too!! have you?
    don't worry i haven't either! don't be stressed, i think they don't even want you to start them till week 5 anyway (when they have gone over the detail for some of them, particularly the physio one!)
    nope not erin ;) hahaha. so are you one of those girls i said?
    OMG you went to pass? i know who you are! jolly julie or terrific tiffany one or the other. haha. and nah I'm not blonde. I'm the other physio student ;) so getting warmer.
    and THANK GOODNESS they are physio students. now I don't feel like a complete retard haha. have you started any of your assessments yet?
    nah i don't play formal soccer, so it looks like you're wrong :p i like it but i don't think I've ever mentioned it. thats the one i got wrong!! i was so angry!! were the people you spoke to physio students? coz i just feel so stupid :S
    ok my question for you next is: have you been to PASS?
    sure do have prac on wednesdays 2-4. what about you?
    and omg i HATE population. i got 1.5/2 in that quiz coz i had the WORST question. in the end it was 50/50 and i got it wrong </3 haha. so I'm pretty sad. haha. how did you go in it?
    my question for you is: do you do your population tutorials right after the lecture on a tuesdays?
    yeah it was alright :) i don't really like population but anatomy and intro to physio is pretty interesting. how about you? I bet we like totally know each other, what's your name? (I'm not a stalker haha)
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