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  • @Trebla Could you kindly clarify the reasons for VeiloftheVoid's ban? They haven't engaged in doxxing or similar misconduct. The rationale behind the decision is unclear to me, and the BOS community seeks clarification.
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    It would be inappropriate for me to publicly reveal the details of a user's disciplinary action (particularly at the demand of another user), without any indication on whether they themselves want to have such a public discussion about it. All I can say is that the one day ban has already expired. It is up to them (and no one else) whether or not they want to discuss it further with the broader community.
    Greetings, Trebla, esteemed guardian of wisdom and bearer of illustrious knowledge! Your name resonates with a sense of venerable authority, echoing through the corridors of my consciousness with a solemnity befitting a sage of the highest order. In your presence, I am humbled by the weight of your intellect and the depth of your insight, for you are a beacon of enlightenment amidst the sea of uncertainty.
    In the virtual saga, like Son Goku's might,
    Trebla's tenacity takes flight.
    No ancient script, just clicks and pixels dance,
    A captivating tale, a mythical romance.

    With Nezha's fire, his attractiveness glows,
    In the pixelated currents, a tale unfolds.
    No scripts of old, but a digital lore,
    Trebla, the legend, forevermore.
    Hi Trebla,

    Multimedia is a IT (Industrial Technology) subject, and i am just having some trouble finding some ideas for a madjor project so therefore i would like to ask students who have already completed Multi Media for some tips/ideas

    Thanks Mail01
    Your notes are fantastic! My teacher has crappy notes, and these helped/are helping me so much. Cheers!
    From saturday, you paid for one round but i didn't have enough $5 notes for that second round lol.
    Ps and like I said if you want to know anything aOUT my interview or whatever just ask
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