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  • yeah it was an alright test. ambiguous at times but doable. needed to know your concept. 82+ raw?
    I'll prolly get 85 at best. but with silly mistakes and depending on the marking criteria, at least 70+ hopefully
    Oh okay cool.
    BE:Chem eng-unsw
    BE:chem eng/materials science and eng- unsw
    BE:Materials science and eng- unsw
    BE:Mech Eng-unsw
    BSc:enviro Sci-unsw
    BE:mech eng-uts
    BE:biomolecular and chem eng-usyd
    Yeah I have. Well only doing chem eng in unsw... Might combine it with materials science though... But yeah doing chem eng for sure. What's your preferences?
    Hey mate. That's nice!!! Good work. And study's been good. Just gonna go through past papers for both chem and phys. What about you?
    wow! yeah I think not answering the question cos I was set for that exam. and yeah hopefully I can. I needs smash hsc plus the guy coming second is only 1% behind me in our internal marks
    Yeah my classmates were astounded I got 12/12 for question 6 and wondered how I fucked up q1-3. Then lold at the mistakes I made. They were the fucking dumbest silly mistakes ever!
    I personally thought the exam was piss easy but I thought that about CSSA 2009 and my classmates said that was the hardest so I think it's personal preference.

    I think you should aim for as high as possible and push yourself as much as you can for trials. But honestly, I hope you fail externals. Less people to compete against. But for serials just do as well as you can, manage your time well and do as many past papers between now and the exams and actually go over your mistakes and shit you will do well. :)
    yeah got 72.. but came first. so i dont know, its probably my teacher or we all did bad. same feedback, questions werent answered properly. but lucky you got 2 trials. you should be able to do well in that then
    you got physics marks back? My mark was very bad! I was seriously shocked.. thought I did enough to get 85+
    nah that's fine. as long as you gave examples for it's use, problems and how we reolve those problems then it should be all sweet.
    oh aiight. yeah I just talked about protostar, then young star, red giant, planetary nebulae and white dwarf.. but it says 10 different mass of stars. I was like.. wtf?! 10 different explanation? haha and yeah just drew the H-R diagram.
    yup some mc were challenging but overall it was okay I guess. hopefully 90+
    but the test had 32 questions. in previous years, i think there were around 29 q.. so time was a real concern there, heaps of my friends didnt finish.
    and was it the one regarding westinghouse, edison and eddy current? If it waas then what did you write for it if you think it was wrong?
    oh okay then. just work on past papers.
    I go to a blacktown school, school rank of 200-300? somewhere there.. yeah it's low. but we get plenty of atar in the 90's well around 10-20 per year. that's alright though right.
    maths was okay. harder than expected though.. seriously! gonna lose my ranking now cos the guy behind me was heaps confident.
    and only stressing for astro.. gonna cram tonight. just did past papers and got close to full marks in the three modules but stuffed up physics.
    you stressing?
    and what school do you go to btw?
    aiight. yeah just do past papers. and some MC are pretty hard. I hate that! cos I do good in the short answers and my marks go down cause of the silly mistakes in mc.
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