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    I got majority of the multiple choice right but will lose marks for forgetting abit of the syllabus but overall not bad, you?
    Oh you wouldnt even wanna know lol... its not hard but it's basically about young people and their problems blah blah blah...lol it's alright haha
    Yeah core1, hate it with a passion! lol oh well I'll never have to deal with it again.. hopefully :D I love sports med though.. my fave out of all of them lol... naw you did improving performance? is it like an extension to factor affecting performance? lol sorry I dont really know what it consists of, I did health of young ppl :Z lol
    Oh hey! so sorry, I never saw what you sent until now! lol it didn't pop up but yeah it was alright I guess... mc - lost 5/6 marks and as for short answers.. lets just say... I HATE core1 lol.. the other sections were fine though and you? :)
    I totally know what you mean! Ahh sucks... feels like the days are going soooo slow but yet so fast! lol... oh awesome! fiji schoolies? my cousin's going there for schoolies :) lol you still studying p.e?
    Yeah pretty eager to finish, I swear I wouldnt have been able to go another week locked at home... its hard enough for me as it is now lol so i wish you all the best for next week! :) um yeah it's been alright I guess... I know probably couldve studied a bit more but nothing I can do about it now... and you? :)
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