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    Paper 1 and 2 Essay + Creative Questions? (New Syllabus)

    Could you please send to me to?
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    Silly Mistakes in Maths

    Analyse your previous mistakes and be conscious of those types of questions in the exam. Helped me a ton went from like low 90s with occasional 80-90s to 100s with occasional 95+
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    Jersey Name Ideas

    Lmao. This was a whole journey(a fun one at that). Also for your jersey name what about “undheerable” (play between, unbreakable and your name)(or unbearable in reference to mr yook)
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    Behind in math

    To improve ones math, as cliche as it sounds practice is perfect. Additionally, something which worked very well for me was analysing my mistake. Find out which topics you tend to not understand and spend time trying to understand them.
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    Behind in math

    It very much is possible, but it takes a great deal of practice.
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    HAST- Selective Application Year 8-12

    Don’t be fooled by the baulko only accepting kids from selective schools. This year majority of the transfers for yr 11 did not go to selective schools, so try your best.
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    2021 HSC Chat

    I take notes on paper :/ also I have no schedule lmao, but I’m also considering making one and trying to stick to it
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    Thank you so much. The session was super helpful, and the answers you gave were very informative. 10/10 would recommend.
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    Any feedback on my creative writing named "The Ringing Of The Past"

    Maybe something like “writers use their poems as a medium to explore their passions and expand on their experiences” then go on to prove that statement.
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    Is anyone willing to give feedback on English assignment.

    Haven’t read animal farm, but I wouldn’t mind reading the creative piece.
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    Advanced English assessment help

    I interpret it as, we live a fake life, until we make tiny changes to expose our true nature, you could link it to humans being inherrently fake,(link to societal standards that define what a normal person is and how we all try to comply with these standards) however when we make changes to...
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    2021 HSC Chat

    Drop whatever you dislike the most
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    Year 11 Biology and English

    Get english tutoring. Mad helpful
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    Eng advanced creative writing

    very interesting approach. I think using italics for the thoughts /words of the deaf person is an amazing way to bring the two worlds together. Just be careful not to say too much through italics(show don’t tell lol).
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    anyone got year 10 chem notes

    Yea I think it’s just sbhs. I go to a decent selective school and there isnt a cut off for any subject, and it’s equal priority.