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    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. You tell me first. Shotty not.
    English is a shit subject and shouldn't be compulsory. I hate it

    So subjective and pointless.

    I mean, how the fuck do all these texts have intentional meanings. What we write about has nothing to do with what it actually means, and that we have to lie to draw techniques out
    WOn't be too bad

    But you do know that 99% of the state gets band 4 and below right? That is statistical fact.

    So through all 30,000 students who do standard, 99% will get below band 4. 0.12% will get band 6 (12 students) and 1.38% will get band 5 (148 odd students)

    So ace your other subjects to boost your mark
    I saw.

    Your school is pretty big. You are coming about 100th in standard. Thats is going to hurt your ATAR alot, Thank god you are doing ext 2 maffs
    Thats because its what you post

    People write "." because you need to leave a comment.

    You will always get negged repped for shit posts

    Since I have joined, I have lost 30,000 rep points through negs.

    You know your rep count? For every 100, you have 1 rep power.

    Your rep power is 1, hence you can add/minus 1 rep point to anyone.

    Others need to boost your rep count.

    Mine is 19, so i can minus 19 from your rep count
    I will explain it to you

    Everyone is limited each day on how much you can rep people. Once you reach that limit you cannot rep for 24 hours.

    You also cannot rep the same person mutliple times without repping others.

    Hence I need to neg rep others so I can rep the same person again
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