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  • sweet
    nah, not really. just working, goin our, bludging, etc..and waiting too haha
    Lol...i honestly forgot I asked haha...so I had to check the conversation thing haha.

    Actually, it's the Beatles. They recorded German versions of their songs She Loves You and I Wanna Hold Your Hand for the German market.

    anyways...whats been goin on?
    lol I am sure u will get something ;)
    btw, ur not on msn much! Actually, I haven't seen u on MSN for ages.. Have u just turned to fb now?
    haha wow soz for the long reply. i havn't been on this website for like 100 years. what school you at?
    HI STEPH ! :)

    clearly this isnt xavier ! :)

    i need to study for legal now :(

    BYE ! CANT WAIT TO FEEL FREEDOM ON WEDNESDAY ! (at 5pm though .. )
    hahaha i repped EVERYONE hu got an interview on that thread...and YOU were the only one nice enuf to rep back =]]]]
    kudos to you!!!!!!!!! xD xD
    lol what u have done today > what i have done in the past 3 days. :'(

    i have spent my lovely day playing with candles coz my house was out of electricity for 3 hours or something lol...burning plastic is fun xD
    and i spent my night opening up graduation presents i got :DDDDDDD

    lovellllly day + night without productive studying *cough* *cough* *cough*
    2 papers? that's awesome! =)
    i have failed today (so far). i went to some study group for maths and i came back just now with hardly new knowledge! but i got a nice car ride + curry from friends loll
    haha, thanks stephh xD!

    but what's wrong? you don't sound very happy =(
    chin up, girl! At the end of the day, I am sure you will do much better than me, u music + language freak! haha
    agreeeeeeeed =]
    HAHAHAHA now you've just reminded me of THAT too!!!! immaturity ROCKED =P
    welllll once again THANK YOU for this nostalgia....if only it could continue
    good luck in ur HSC!! xD
    ok looking at your avatar just brought back GREAT memories of yr7 german:
    "ich liebe DICK.....ich liebe DICK"
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sighs*
    thanks for making my day!!!! xD xD
    Ok, seeing as you are a German student (I'm not, before you ask), and the similar name of your avatar...just a question for you to see if you can answer it...

    Which popular band recorded German versions of their mainstream songs, entitled Sie Liebt Dich and Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand?
    Reducing one medium of procrastination merely increases the other LOL
    I would love to have a broad array of places where I can procrastinate than focusing on one or two =) jkkkkkkk lol

    But serioulsy I don't know. I am not very stressed haha. I got my work done and ye =)
    btw, I think BOS has just replaced your fb. :p
    I didn't know it initially but you pointed that out in one of your post. Then I saw your username still wondering wth u were on about then "EUREKA!" :p
    Ahhaha, I am sure you nailed your UMAT haha as well as the exams that will come in few days haha. Good luck!!! =)

    BTW, I am only getting rid of cosmo, english, religion notes which I will have no use lol - no one will buy them, I am not going/cannot tutor them =(

    They are piled in some corner of my room and it's seriously half way to reach the top, lololololololololol

    it's like biz > bio > maths > english > sor > cosmo for me in terms of crappiness. Cosmo can just die die die! =(
    lol yay =)
    ye my trial study is going alright. tad boring tho....-.-
    cannot wait to finish this up and do the bonfire for some of my notes xD
    btw, what about you? doing well in all ur studies? how was umat btw?
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