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  • I'm really sorry for my inactivity. I'll be more active after exams ^u^ Best of luck for the HSC and study prep over the weeekend !
    Heh, I thought so. Thanks anyways though! Don't worry about informing me, just a little interested that's all. Sorry for the trouble ;p
    Is your picture based of any Anime or game. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I thought I saw it somewhere before.
    I'm okay I guess
    I'm still doing an SOR assignment thats due tomorrow so that's a bit of pain. Its on Judaism and how the fidelity to god and tradition creates a living and dynamic religion.
    Yeah we'll demolish don't worry. Yes, it rained so heavy today, I was like what in the world?! Yeah take care and you too! x
    LOL! I never thought of it that way, very original.
    Thanks, good luck to you too. We'll do uber well ^_^
    I'm so devo about my books having water damage was gonna resell but the rain had to be mean :/ That's life for you. Well. I'ma go finish up and get some sleep. TC and have an awesome rest of your week c:

    **fail** wrote this on the wrong page haha.
    Just try your best tbh, and I wish you good luck in all of them. Yeah definitely reward yourself as long as your study is under control! :) I love speeches lol :) I'm pretty good at public speaking in general and I like to debate so a speech where I can give an opinion and talk where no one can respond to me is just heaven haha :)
    It's all good no need to apologise :) How weird because I'm actually working on the English speech and SOR assignment. Just remember, there's a time for everything! Study now and enjoy the rewards later. Also, always remember that, when you're not studying someone else in the state is, when you two meet they will win. Not trying to be some motivational speaker or anything but yeah! :)
    I actually didn't really plan to have a part time job since it's HSC and his offer sounded too good to be true. So for the time being, I just told him I would decide later and that he should email his company's info. He was like so suspicious, he was sitting next to me in the train station during lunch and just randomly asked me ="=

    You can get a part time in uni. It won't be too long until then =)
    HAHAHAHA!!!! XD You must be having a bad day today! Well at least you don't have a bad day tomorrow on Valentines! =)
    I well today I was having a strange day, I was approached by some shifty looking guy who offered me a job... ="=
    Haha lol, 2012 is treating me okay-ishly but you never know what will happen. XD
    And procrastination? I never stopped :p
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