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  • hey mate,

    i remembered you were a fellow UNCLE kid, and just wanted to let you know we're having a BOS meet up soon!

    check out the UNCLE section of the forums for the new thread, and let us know if you can come =)

    hope to see you there!
    ielts = international english language testing system. i want to come to australia so it's essential in the admission process.
    Awwww, that's cruel... why don't they know how a person finding the job for the first could have an experience.. lol..
    I hope you do get a nice job soon.

    This week I'm busy preparing for ielts exam.
    Dude, you're doing the exact same stuff as me except i'm doing MATH1001 hehe :)
    I just picked my elective, i'm doing beginner guitar. (Y) you from newcastle?
    Hey, you're doing science, yeah?
    how many unites do you have to de a semester. I'm doing CHEM1010, BIO1010 and MATH1001. Do we have to enrol in an elective or something? so.confused :S
    haha same, it was taking so long (well, about a minute) to load, and I'm sitting there talking to my computer, going "c'mon, hurry uuuuuup!"

    yes and no.... i got the ones i wanted, but I'm still kinda bummed about my timetable just because it's so ridiculously full!!
    Sweet =) Good luck with going for Med, are you going to try for the UMAT at all, or definitely just going postgrad with the GAMSAT?
    Ah sick, well I do 1403 this semester and 1404 next semester =)
    Hoping to either transfer into med or do it postgrad... haha, unfortunately just re-enforcing the stereotype of biomed students =P
    I'd love to combine natural and conventional medicine too.
    So I'm guessing you're majoring in biological sciences then? where do you want to go with your degree?
    Well, i thought we did STAT and chose a level of maths to do and we do both for first and second.
    If we can split it up, then i'll do STAT1070 and an easier maths, then Math1110 in second semester and Stat1070 if it has to be continued. If we have to do both all year, i'll just do STAT1070 and MATH1110 for the whole year. it's only 12 hours a week anywho with both... doesn't seem like too much. what were your plans, and what math unit were you gonna do?
    Yeah, it's 10 unites of maths and the 10 units of STAT so you'd think you could do it seperate... meh when i call i'll let you know as soon as i can (Y)
    So you could do the easier maths and Stat first semester, then the harder maths second... I'll ring the uni tomorrow at work cos i'm bewildered by all this too and i'll let ya know :)
    I don't really get it... I enrolled in Stat1070 and Math1110 for first semester... isn't it both for first semester or can we split them up over 2 semesters? so confused!
    Hey, I'm thinking of majoring in chem, how about yourself? Have you enrolled in classes yet?
    I looked at the course summary and subject time tables... and it looks like we're only there for 10 hours a week for STAT and MATH, is that what you got as well?
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