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  • haha, i agree. i've had this since june last year but i barely ever went on it other than when we had the SC xD yep, i'll pm you, well, i'll try anyway (cause i've never done it before) and if it doesnt work i'll tell you so you can pm me urs instead.
    lol, i think you spelled it right, dw, im pretty bad at spelling too xD. haha yeah, that does suck :( but i dont think you are going to get affected that much cause the subjects that you do, i dnt think ppl who dont want to be at school would do them :) is it just me or is bored of studies really addictive? i used to be addicted to facebook, but this is proving to be worse xD
    haha, lol, im sure you'll be fine. na, i dont do any sport anymore, but i used to :) yeah, it did become partially selective this year, but from what i hear its no better than last year. what makes it partially selective is that they got a class of 30 students for this years yr7. it wouldnt make a difference for me cause im in yr 11 but to attract more studious students they advertise that they are a 'partially selective school'. im happy i left also because im around more ppl i can relate to and the governments genious plan of raising the school leaving age has forced students who dont want to study, to stay in school, making them ruin the classes for others apparently... lol, so yea :)
    lol, i felt the need to provide evidence xD naww, thanks..haha, you should try horse riding sometime, it is so much fun!! :D maybe you can go horse riding at the bbq? at first when you get on the horse its a bit scary, but then you get over it. if you dont get overconfident your first time like i did, u'll be fine :) ..... do you do any sports outside of school? i went to Blacktown Girls High last year... have you heard of it?? it was an alright school and i miss my friends and all but my current school is way better :)
    lol, woops xD dont blame me, blame wikipedia: "Phycology (from Greek φῦκος, phykos, "seaweed"; and -λογία, -logia) is the scientific study of algae." yeah, there is heaps of memorizing with biology apparently, but its mostly general knowledge atm so im not really finding it challenging. plus, bio is low scaling so that really sucks. haha, im trying to get out of my bad habit of sleeping in that i have adapted lately, its going to be really bad because i wont be able get up in the mornings when it gets colder, which will result in missing the train xD enjoy your bbq :) lol, i went horse riding at bicentennial park 5 days ago... it was my first time and i nearly fell off the horse xD yeah, i went to the easter show with one of my best friends from my old school... it was a fun day but its such a rip off, and the rides seem so boring now... i guess i just grew up :(
    lol, no worries, thanks for accepting :) phycology? really? is it the study of algea or something? i guess that could be interesting, you should have done biology since your into those type of things. my holidays are pretty good, but im procrastinating heaps so im going to have a huge amount of last minute hw to finish on sunday. but im trying to enjoy them cause apparently these are the last real holidays we are going to get until the hsc is over. how are your holidays going? did you go to the easter show?
    for uni im keeping my options open aswell, i guess my atar will eventually determine what i study so i'll just try and get the highest atar i can. but i really want to study Latin and Philosophy sometime, just as a hobby though, not a career. homebush boys isnt selective is it? because some lucky selective schools get to do philosophy and latin for the HSC :'( ....my school isnt selective so yeah
    what? are you srs? i havnt heard that before but even 1 extra ATAR point is huge...what i meant by easy atar points was that the work we do is easy so yeah...i only thought that ESL got the 5 extra ATAR points...now im going to look that up. :) yer, same with me for ext 2 math... it depends on how i go this year, but i really want to do it cause of its scaling. i miss doing history :( i kinda regret not picking it cause it was so interesting last year and i did good in the sc for it, but it doesnt really go towards what i want to do in uni so i didnt pick it :/ what do you want to study in uni?
    ohk, fair enough :) at saturday school i do turkish... im only doing it because i reckon it will be easy ATAR points and i have an awesome teacher :D i probably sound crazy when i say this but im finding ext. eng easier than adv. :O only 6 ppl? wow... at the start of the year my school had 2 full classes for ext eng but now half of my class has dropped it because the teacher is a cow... the other class is still full because apparently the teacher is good. are you thinking about doing ext 2 math by any chance?
    haha, a find-a-word? geez that must have been real helpful with your exams -_- LOL, actually your chem teacher is very similar to mine. mine treats us like we are kindergarten...one lesson he spent half an hour talking about the hypothesis of the experiment. and he asks stupid questions which he seriously expects us to not know. once, we were separating the alcohol from the wine and he asked us why the big beaker doesnt go into the box with the other equipment...we were all trying to think of some scientific answer, and then he goes "because it doesn't fit"<< its pretty annoying though because other classes are getting harder questions which he decides not to give to us because he thinks it will overload us with hw. your english is pretty good... better than many ppl i know that do adv, why didnt you pick it?...cant you still change over to adv?...at my school you can...or you could stay in standard and ace it ;)
    you started off with 'moving about' too? haha, i didnt know another school that did that. i know, thats relieving me too it cant get any harder from now on... just easier :) at first i thought the topic was hard because the teacher said it was...so i would just sleep in class, but when i started studying for half yearlies, i thought it was pretty easy. im looking forward to the space topic :D my other subjects are going alright. Maths, xt eng, bio and sat school are my favorite....you can tell i have a problem with prioritizing xD but im really not liking my chemistry teacher which is sad because chem was my favorite part of science last year :) wbu, how are you finding your other subjects? who is it that you know from my school?... i might know them too :)
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