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  • haha, no! i had my half yearlies before the holidays xD...they were a good wake-up call though and they boosted my motivation... with me, when teachers say a topic "is hard", they just kill my motivation... now i know better than to listen to them :)
    i go to st mary's senior... its a pretty good school. wbu? by the way, how are you finding physics?
    thats good :)
    year ten?? lol, my subjects were a bit outdated from last year... havnt really bothered to update them, but i've done that now :)
    im in year 11, and yea im finding it alright. im only starting to get motivated now... wbu? how are you finding year 11?
    lol, you probably posted something interesting so i just visited your profile....
    actually it could have also been because of your subjects, you do some subjects that i do and the ones that i dont study but you study i was considering studying... so yea
    its a habit of mine.... im sorry if it annoyed you xD
    lol nice, yh i do have plans i tell you

    then bday one day before exam
    yourself ?
    lols my friend does chem, and she had
    4 different teachers in one term, feel sorry for her:(
    what school do you go to
    woow, i dont know who u did it but i couldn't have :p
    yes im regretting legal studies the teacher is soo shit
    she talks about her cat all the time
    and the sad thing is that we cant report her because
    she is the head teacher of social science
    how about you
    lols same here
    im doing
    -standard English
    -2unit maths
    -legal studies

    and yourself ??
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