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Change in the Modern World: The Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square, 1966-89 Notes

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In-depth and extensive notes for the Year 12 Change in the Modern World Topic: The Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square (Survey + Focus of Study), that cover each dot-point of the syllabus with all the content needed to support your arguments and responses. Content is supported with statistics/examples and relevant historiography where appropriate, as well as some relevant visuals and pictures that were integrated into the notes that I thought were appropriate and fun to add.

I made these notes after finding that relevant and extensive resources for this topic were too few and far between, and thus I did my best to create my own notes that filled in any gaps and combined any overlaps between the various resources I consulted to create a complete, sole resource that would sufficiently cover this topic in enough depth. All the content is taken from a variety of resources extending beyond but still including HSC-relevant textbooks, such as textbooks from other secondary school history courses (eg. IB/A-Level), historical academia/scholar's research and literature, documentaries, teacher-only resources and tools, etc.

With these notes, I ranked 1st in Modern History at a top 10 selective school from the very start of my HSC year and ranking at the top of all my assessments. For all my essay-based examinations and HSC Trials for this topic, I always got top mark responses (25/25) and never anything less. I ended up achieving a Band 6 in Modern History.

The notes start off with the Survey and then with the Focus of Study.

I spent a long time on these notes, hope they're useful to other people like they were to me :)
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