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Past HSC Modern History Question Bank

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The attached document is a PDF of an extensive question bank of HSC past paper Modern History questions for the following topics: Core Study (Power and Authority in the Modern World), National Studies (Russia and the Soviet Union), Peace and Conflict (Cold War) and Change in the Modern World (The Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square). These were compiled starting from last year and completed prior to my Trials. They are colour-coded and organised in tables by topic to make the questions accessible and so you don't have to go to the NESA website and scrounge for an appropriate question - which is frankly, plenty of clicking and a waste of time.

Moreover, each question is accompanied with the corresponding dot-point and key feature from the new syllabus, providing an overview of what you would need to be knowledgeable with to answer the question.

For USSR and the Cold War - both topics which were in the old syllabus - there are questions stemming all the way to the mid-2000s, with the corresponding syllabus dot-points in the new syllabus (just in case you want to save the new syllabus questions closer to your Trials or the HSC). The questions from the old syllabus that are not or only partly applicable to the new syllabus are flagged, if you'd want to avoid them.
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