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HSC Biology Notes: Module 5-8

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So recently I dropped out of school with everything that's going on so I'm going on a resource posting spree to help out y'all (more to come today and in the next couple of days) : p

Uploading my Bio notes I created over Year 12 - was too lazy to edit it more than I have although it seems alright for content. Pulled information from school resources, Biology in Focus, Pearson Biology, and ConquerHSC as well as other people's notes in the past. They're all structured in syllabus dot-points and colour coded in different modules. I tried to use a good range of examples for dotpoints which required them.

Hope these are beneficial for the current 2021 cohort and beyond!

Latest reviews

thank you!
The notes were amazing! Thank you so much! (:
I hope you are happy and healthy. I wish you all the best. You got this champion!! Thank you so much again, you are a life saver
No worries, thank you so much for the review!
a lovely set of full course notes :D i wish you the best of luck :)