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Year 11 Biology Depth Study - Module 3 (32/35 overall for this)

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Assessment Task

Was meaning to do this for a while and some reason forgot, and then someone requested for it so it reminded me : )
Anyway, here is my depth study for Biology in Year 11 which covered these dot points of Module 3:

● investigate, through secondary sources, the observations and collection of data that were obtained by Charles
Darwin to support the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, for example:
– finches of the Galapagos Islands
– Australian flora and fauna

● investigate, using secondary sources, evidence in support of Darwin and Wallace’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, including but not limited to:
– biochemical evidence, comparative anatomy, comparative embryology and biogeography

● explain modern-day examples that demonstrate evolutionary change, for example:
– the cane toad
– antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria

Received 32/35 on this, which is adequate for a depth study, but I hope this can be of good use.


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excellent but why did you loose 3 marks?