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Mathematics Advanced - HSC Past Paper Compilation (HSC 2002-2019) for New Year 11 Syllabus

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As the tagline suggests: "Compilation of past paper questions from the 2002-2019 HSC 2U papers for new prelim 2u syllabus".

There's like 90 pages of q's on here so should suffice for a little :) sorry that it's not presented well as I didn't intend to write out every question again, I just copied and pasted.

Some of the questions are probably going to be more challenging than others so it's not necessary to do all of them and there's a couple I'm still unsure about in terms of their relevance to the new syllabus. Do any of the questions as you please

No solutions are included, however solutions can be found for every year (or at least most years) on the NESA website: https://educationstandards.nsw.edu....am-papers/2002/mathematics-2002-hsc-exam-pack - guides you to the 2002 hsc math but there are tabs which you can click and it takes you to other years


PS: I've uploaded a word doc of it but if you prefer a PDF:

Latest reviews

thank you so much
I don't even do advanced but I wanted to leave a rating because this is amazing and I wanna say thank you for contributing to the community here :') - I know its unlikely but do you have anything for standard?
I have a couple of PDF’s for textbooks if you need but unfortunately that’s about it. Sorry about that : (
Is this for year 11 or year12?
It's for Year 11, it's in the title of the resource
Very Nice!
ty val!!!
Now a Ext 1 collection pls. Thanks
One of my mates on discord has made a 3u ver. and I have asked him :) should be coming out soon hopefully
thank you sm!