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Mathematics Extension 1 - Past Paper (contains Further Trig and Polynomials) + Solutions

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Half Yearly
Hello : )

Once again I'm back with another math-related resource! The past paper I'm providing on this resource page is for Maths Extension 1 students in Year 11 (or 12 if needed). It contains questions on Trigonometry and Polynomials.

Note: This is an exam I sat back in Term 2 (got 34/40 for it could have done better but of course made the common simple mistakes hahaha) and I thought it was a really good test. So.... thought I'd just type it up again and share it to y'all. There are solutions provided in the PDF as well but are written by my teacher. If you are unable to see the answers clearly or have any questions, please respond to this resource page so that I can clarify and others can see as well if they're in a similar situation.

Happy studying and good luck with Prelims fellow Year 11's : )

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I can't believe this was a formal exam though, it wasn't tight on time or intimidating!
My school isn’t ranked thattt high so you’d probably expect to find some more challenging papers if you can find some from Baulkham Hills or Ruse