1. katiekms

    Are you allowed to post your BOW online?

    Im just thinking like what if it’s not allowed because of some plagiarism or copyright laws idek but i haven’t seen anything that’s addressed it at all. I wanna eventually post my BOW in places like instagram/reddit/bos for feedback and advice before the due date but i don’t know if it’s...
  2. katiekms

    Is term 1 holidays too late to start my major work?

    Unfortunately I am an avid procrastinator, so even though I knowwwww I should’ve started in the summer holidays… I well.. didn’t. I’m just wondering, have I made this impossible for myself? I’m doing some moderately large scale acrylic paintings for context. My teacher has made it quite clear...
  3. M

    Historical Investigation

    This is a pretty dumb request, but I have an Historical Investigation assessment coming up in Modern History and need some help with wording my topic question. My topic question is "To what extent can Art of the Third Reich shed light on Nazi policy?" but I'm not really satisfied with it. Does...