does an ARTEXPRESS nomination mean you got a 50 on your work? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 22, 2019
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The Arts Unit states that, while nomination for ARTEXPRESS occurs after the marking of the HSC Visual Arts bodies of work, nomination for ARTEXPRESS does not indicate a particular mark for a student's body of work. This means that, while it is possible that a student received 50 for their body of work (given that exemplary artworks are nominated in the first place), this may not necessarily be the case, i.e. a nominee's mark may be different.

Other factors are involved in the nominations of works for ARTEXPRESS, that is, not all band 6 works will be nominated. Such factors include:
  • School type - The type of school that a student attended may be taken into consideration. For instance, the fact that a student attends a private school (or a public school etc.) could contribute to their nomination.
  • Gender - Whether a student is male or female could be considered when determining nominations.
  • Medium - The type of work that a student created may also be a contributing factor. An example of this is whether a student created a film or did a painting.
The reason that such criteria are implemented is to ensure an inclusive range and diverse group of students in the exhibition.

I hope this helps! :D

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