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common module

  1. E

    1984 and human motivations??

    How does 1984 demonstrate how human behaviour/ motivations challenge assumptions/ ignite new ideas? I don't really understand what assumptions would be challenged or how the human behaviours would 'ignite new ideas'. Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Y


    I am in 2nd class for English so it will be assumed that people in this class will go to English standard. However, the teacher recently told us that next year for term 1 all levels of people will undertake the same module which is "reading to write" and this is a chance for us to try our best...
  3. A

    Can someone please send me their conclusions for the merchant of Venice?

    Please, and thank you! just the conclusion and thats it edit: is there a collective way to call Portia, Antonio and Bassanio, like a group term that excludes Shylock?
  4. N

    Human experiences in the crucible??

    Hi guys, im kinda lost on what a human experience really is in regards to my text (the crucible), i chose individuals vs society and reputation (are these human experiences or themes??) if it is a theme than how do i make it more specific?
  5. N

    Related texts for the crucible in the common module??????

    hi guys, could i have some recommendations for a related text for the crucible? It would be best if it could be short films, short stories or poems with substantial analysis available. Also does anyone has any analysis on the short film ‘bat eyes’ 2012. I’ve found absolutely nothing so far.
  6. A

    19/20 HSC crucible essay (ONLY $5)

    Hi, I'm selling my 19/20 of crucible essay (i got an overall band 6 in eng). dm me if you are interested. Here is a sample (my intro): As individuals suffer within stifling social structures, composers reach back to narratives of the past to hold a mirror up to their contemporary society...
  7. cherubjin

    Anomalies, Inconsistencies and Paradoxes in The Dressmaker

    Does anyone understand on how to find the anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes between characters? I'm trying to find characters that represent these in the Dressmaker but im struggling. Any ideas?
  8. M

    Help with my multimodal task?

    My multimodal question for the eng adv common module is; "Our experiences are defined by a tension between a yearning to belong and a desire for freedom. Evaluate the extent to which your prescribed and related texts support this statement" My prescribed text is Merchant of Venice and my...
  9. aceagle007

    Megamind as my related text for the common module?

    SO can i write about megamind as my related text for the english standard common module? its deadass a good movie with a whole character arc which includes his struggles with adversity and his search of identity. If anyone supports my actions please lend help as to how to follow through with it
  10. cherubjin

    Anomalies, Paradoxes and Inconsistencies in the Human Experience

    i know that since this is a common. module that everyone is doing this but im kinda struggling with the question and im so introverted i cannot ask the teacher for help so i hope you guys can :) Assess the capacity for texts to explore the paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in the human...
  11. T

    Advanced English HSC Assessment Feedback

    Hey guys! I'm a student who just started Year 12 Advanced English. Our assessment includes inviting and reviewing choices made in the Common Module of the Advanced Course. As part of this review process, we have been requested to make a 3-5 minute submission to the English Advanced teachers in...