1. V

    Selling Band 6 Resources!

    Hi everyone! My name is Jiaye Zou (I go by Venessa) and I am a 2019 graduate from Manly Selective Campus. I will be studying Psychology (Hons)/Law at UNSW in 2020. I achieved a Band 6/E4 in the subjects English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Mathematics...
  2. K

    1984 Summary

    Hi, anyone got a summary or sample essay for 1984? Thanks!
  3. mackay1

    Seriously - why the hell is English compulsory?

    I can see the appeal as to why some people might enjoy English as a subject, but it absolutely isn't for everyone. How stupid did nesa have to be to make it compulsory? In my opinion, it's boring, tedious and doesn't contain any real life skills. Not everyone wants to learn about culture, or who...
  4. T

    Advanced English HSC Assessment Feedback

    Hey guys! I'm a student who just started Year 12 Advanced English. Our assessment includes inviting and reviewing choices made in the Common Module of the Advanced Course. As part of this review process, we have been requested to make a 3-5 minute submission to the English Advanced teachers in...
  5. F

    Notes/advice for Economics, Legal Studies, and Business Studies!

    Hi everyone! Attached below are really comprehensive notes for the 3 social sciences. (Geography ain't no science) I was a (somewhat) high achiever in the writing subjects. And here are some of my insights, which hopefully will help ease the pressure for some of you. 1. Don't make notes!! Use...
  6. H


    I didnt know that whiteout was not allowed in the hsc exams and the supervisors didnt say anything about it even though they looked at what I had for the exam multiple times. So I used it for English, japanese beginners and mathematics. Will it affect my mark and will I get penalised for it?
  7. periodmami

    Stuck on Thesis statement, please help <3

    Hey guys I have an upcoming In-depth novel study exam for 'The story of Tom Brennan'. The book discovers the impact of grief and the importance of acceptance and family. We are starting to break down how to write the essay, and therefore have been given the overall question: "How do the...
  8. S

    Module C Question

    What are the chances they'll ask for a specific type of text? Or will they more likely give us an option between imaginative, discursive etc?
  9. S

    Module A Question

    I've studied John Keats Poems. What are the chances they'll ask for a specific poem? Or will they just ask to mention 2 poems?
  10. N

    Top 100 or Matrix for English?

    i'm looking to enrol in either top 100 or matrix (chatswood) in english (year 10). i'm prepared to cover the hefty price of the tutoring, but have seen mixed reviews for the english courses for both of these tutoring colleges... please help.
  11. V

    99.85 - CRACK THE HSC - 4u/3u maths, physics, economics, english - ESSAY WRITING

    I got 99.85 not by being a genius or a workhorse but by Cracking the System. Let me show you how! For tutoring, all my resources (and essays) will be available, all of which I have spent 100s of hours perfecting. I am also offering marking/extensive feedback for essays/short answers. I will...
  12. U

    what is storytelling?!?

    Through the telling and receiving of stories, we become more aware of ourselves and our shared human experiences. Explore this statement with close reference to your prescribed text Storytelling invites us to see the world differently through challenging our assumptions. Discuss this...
  13. 88rising

    year 11 acer hast test writing prompts

    hey guys, just to keep it short — i can not find any past prompts for the acer test that's suitable for year 11 :) if anyone has done the test and has impeccable memory, could you please tell me what prompt was asked? thank you
  14. K

    MS Learning (Tutoring & Exam Tips!) | English | Maths | Business Studies | Legal Studies |

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a Law / Commerce student at UNSW and have been tutoring at MS Learning for many years. My focus has always been to bring students up to speed as fast as possible. I understand the importance of giving students the right training to help them build a strong...