1. h_s_r11

    Tips for 700 word narrative?

    So my assessment for this term is adapting the themes of poems studied in class into a narrative of 700 words. The prompt is to highlight similarities and differences between the poems' context and the present world's. Any tips on how to get started and make the most out of the word limit? The...
  2. moonbow

    quoting the author ?

    i wanted to quote what margaret atwood said in an article for my essay but was wondering if this was more of a history thing or if its fine in english too also is there an accepted or effective way to embed non-prescribed text quotes (its never been mentioned in class) tysm
  3. spicychickennuggets

    English Ext 1st in School| ATAR 99.50 |Band 6 HSC tutoring |English Adv & Ext 1, Chemistry

    Hi :) I’m Joanna and I graduated from Meriden in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.50. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/ Law at UNSW. Offering affordable, 1-on-1 private tutoring for English and Chemistry. Qualifications for English and Chemistry: Overall rank 1in English...
  4. I

    Help on finding a technique

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys had any techniques you could find from the following quote from 1984. For some more context, I was trying to analyse how the Party forces Winston to break his love with Julia: Winston: "Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don't care...
  5. matthewmorrison123

    Suggested related materials for english standard student

    Hey all, I'm currently doing texts and human experiences in english standard. For my first assessment task, I have to pick a related text. Does anyone have any suggestions? Our main text is 'past the shallows' if that helps. Also, it has to be less than 500 words. Thanks to anyone who can help :)
  6. thatnormster

    Which related text should I do?

    Hey! Just a quick survey. If you're going to suggest something other than the 2 I've gotten, let me know what you think based off of the reading list my school gave me.
  7. 9

    If you had a choice between Ext2 English and Extension Science purely based on scaling, which is a wiser choice??

    I've already done 3 units for accelerated and I need to choose courses to keep for next year + take on. I'm definitely not doing ext2 maths and currently I've got 8 units. But none of them are extensions so I'm worried about scaling which brings me to this question: if you had to choose between...
  8. S

    The Crucible related text

    Hey guys, I would like to know which text I should study for The Crucible related text. for English Advanced HSC. Which text would be best in terms of connection, human experience and easier to write about together? Please help!!!
  9. tk8

    4U English in HSC, so Advanced doesn't count towards ATAR?

    Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, if I ace Extension 1 and Extension 2 in the HSC and I completely bomb Advanced, will Advanced not count towards my ATAR (considering I do 12 units)? Is this also a possible/recommended idea, and has anyone ever done this before? thanks!
  10. S

    Should I drop from Eng Adv. to Standard

    I'm currently doing Maths Ext1, Eng Adv, Business, Eco and Bio. My Eng Adv. average is around 60% and I don't know whether or not I should drop cuz I want to get at least a band 5 for English. (I'm in yr 11 rn) It's also not guaranteed that I'm gonna get better marks if I do standard and plus...
  11. thatnormster

    Best 2 units of English counts towards ATAR... What does that mean?

    I'm taking Extension 2 English. Does that mean that if I nail Extension 1 and Extension 2 English, and do horribly for Advanced, then those 2 English units will count and Advanced is completely forgotten about?
  12. D

    Judith Wright Material

    Hi, I have an essay for English in two weeks about Judith Wright, on the four poems, flame tree in a quarry, south of my days, hawthorn hedge, and train journey. If anyone has any material regarding this, or essays they have done on Judith Wright, it would be great if they could please share it...
  13. I


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  14. I

    Skills vs Text Based Tutoring

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  15. I

    English Adv and Possibly Ext Tutoring

    Helllo everyone, Does anyone tutor english adv or have any recommendations for good englsih tutors? (preferably in western Sydney for around $50/hr)
  16. D

    Texts for MOD A

    Hi, For school this term we are to create a ted talk about a contemporary text, which examines the endurance of one basic plot in the contemporary society. The topic for the ted talk is "People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around." and the talk must...
  17. S

    ENGLISH EXT 1 help please!! text appropriations

    hi guys! just jumping on here for some guidance on my ext 1 preliminary english assignment. I need to research and analyse a text and its appropriations, covering the representation of gender/race/class. if you guys have any recommendations on good texts and their appropriations, I really need...
  18. S


    Hi Everyone! I am a part of a group of 2021 HSC graduates who collectively achieved ATARs ranging from 96 - 99.85, excelling in a variety of subjects including; Extension 1-2 Maths, Advanced English, Chemistry and Physics. Being from different schools, we decided to compile a Google Drive...
  19. 9

    I'm going into preliminary year and HSC (12) for some subjects and terrified. HELP

    2022, I'm going into prelim with subjects -biology -chemistry -english advanced -english ext 1 -music 1 These subjects are accelerated and taking the HSC (2022) for -Maths advanced -Maths ext1 -SOR (Studies of Religion1) I haven't really consulted an expert for my subject choices just fully on...
  20. S

    99.75 ATAR - ONLINE OR IN-PERSON TUTORING (English, Economics, Legal, Maths)

    As a 2021 graduate who has the most contemporary understanding of what is needed to succeed, I am passionate about helping future students achieve their potential in the HSC. I offer online (over zoom) or in person (at a library) using the vast amount of resources I compiled during my own...