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  1. G

    yr 11 help pls idk what im doing

    hi im in yr 11 doing bio, chem, maths ext, maths adv, english adv, sor 1 and geography (exactly 12 units). my current marks for these subjects are: biology: 73% (rank 43/98) chemistry: 73% (54/72) maths ext: 60% (59/88) math adv: 68% (77/144) english adv: 67% (34/63) sor 1: 80% (9/12)...
  2. M

    Does business studies or modern history have more memorisation?

    I asked a similar question a while ago, but I am still in quite a predicament and can't choose between the two. I don't know anyone who does either business studies or modern history, so I was wondering if I could get some guidance. Based on the research I've done online, it seems like business...
  3. Stuck In 2020

    Can someone explain to me how the depth studies work?

    I saw that In the Physics (2017) Syllabus It says that "15 hours must be allocated to depth studies within the 120 indicative course hours." Does this mean that we are required to have 15 hours of class time to complete our depth study? Or 15 hours of class time covering subject material...
  4. P

    atar estimate pls

    based on semester 2 report: eng adv: 75%, 19/36 (5-8 b6) eng ext: 78%, 12/12 (3-4 b6) maths std: 93%, 9/44 (3-4 b6 but this will defs be more this year) design tech: 73%, 3/5 (5-10 b6) food tech: 91%, 5/13 (4-7 b6) bio: 96%, 2/15 (2-5 b6) - school ranks between 60-90 - my cohort is way smarter...
  5. TryingMyBest194

    erm chat is an 85 atar attainable or...

    ok i know i said i'd try hard for maths and eco but im deadass cooked anyways and will probably drop eco because i literally am on the verge of screaming because i HATE eco. anyways,, my averages for like eng standard, legal, va, and SOR 1U are all within the 80s range while maths adv, maths...
  6. katiekms

    what does it take to become a “well-known member”?

    i’m an active member but i want to be well known :idea:
  7. katiekms

    Are you allowed to post your BOW online?

    Im just thinking like what if it’s not allowed because of some plagiarism or copyright laws idek but i haven’t seen anything that’s addressed it at all. I wanna eventually post my BOW in places like instagram/reddit/bos for feedback and advice before the due date but i don’t know if it’s...
  8. katiekms

    help??? am i in trouble?

    so just today i looked at my personalised hsc timetable and it included music WHICH I DROPPED AGES AGO (start of year 12). i don’t take that class anymore and it’s off my class timetable. we also recently had an assembly where we made sure all our nesa info was correct AND I CROSSED OUT MUSIC...
  9. katiekms

    Is this normal for tutoring?

    So i do maths tutoring with this online tutoring company and i’m unsure if this is just a weird tutor (i switched recently as my last one left) or this is how it usually goes. So with my last tutor, they would find resources FOR me that helped me learn things, they would go through practice...
  10. X

    Project academy for 3unit maths

    Hi has anyone been project academy for 3u maths? I’d like to join as du got too competitive and fast paced and I’m falling behind in maths a bit. But it’s my first time hearing of the centre itself so idk
  11. X

    is there still hope for me...

    I got my prelim adv task 1 back and I did so bad. Like my class average was 90+% and I got WAY below. Like ranking LOW in my class. I understood all the questions and the only mistakes I made were silly calculation errors (I subbed in the wrong numbers), working out was too messy and for some...
  12. E

    Can I do economics for HSC if I haven't done any commerce in years 9/10

    I am in year 10 currently. I feel like when I chose my electives I just chose the ones I thought would be fun or the ones that my friends were doing. Looking back, that was kind of a dumb move. I need 12 units for my HSC. Right now, I want to do 3u math, 3u english, chem, bio. I need 2 more...
  13. J

    Insertion vs Selection Sort

    Hi! Why does insertion push elements rather than swap each and why does selection swap elements rather than push. Or why don't they both push / swap? Is there a difference in pushing/swapping values
  14. S

    MACQUARIE OR UNSW marketing

    Hi guys I’m currently enrolled into Marketing and media at Macquarie university, but I don’t know if I wanna transfer into UNSW or not. But I also wanna do media as well. Can I major in marketing and minor in media instead? Should I just stay at Macquarie uni for a year and then see? When I...
  15. T

    how to study for practicals science

    confident/decent at content but struggle a lot in practicals - ik my validity/reliability/accuracy and other basic skills but i think i get panicked and take too long to set up the prac itself and then conduct it/take results i have a prac for both phys (mod 1 + 2) and chem (mod 2) this term...
  16. bernkastel

    zhanghsc or sigma science for physics

    sigma science: closer, cheaper, available teachers: samuel edwin & chris, jake, aaron & chris zhangshsc (strathfield): better? available teachers: Mr Lai, Mr Phan, Mr Cheng yes ik school starts in a few days but i still need help deciding lol
  17. S

    Useful workbooks for phys and chem?

    Hello, I am currently doing some content from the year 11 chem and phys syllabus and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for workbooks that were useful for them. It doesn't have to be limited to chemistry and physics, just something that would help me get a good conceptual and...
  18. Z

    motivation help PLEASE :(

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! basically the title. i find it incredibly difficult to do any of my work, ever. i can't even sit myself down to do homework even when it's easy. i don't know what my problem is. my whole life i've been very lucky to do decently well (80s and 90s, even 100s) in every...
  19. C

    ICAS Importance

    I was wondering how much of a determinant ICAS results are in terms of future results and your HSC results. This year I did terribly in ICAS - d in eng and maths and credit in science. Does this mean that I will start performing badly in my future exams in these subjects? How similar is ICAS and...
  20. M

    How Do I Delete My Account

    How Do I Delete My Account