1. R

    Memorising essays

    On Tuesday I have a geography exam that I've prepared an essay for in response to the question, but I have noooo idea how to memorise it, any tips?
  2. periodmami

    Drama IP performance

    I've chosen Drama as a subject for year 11 & 12 next year and I've absolutely loved it so far in years 8, 9 and 10. I even Received 90/90 for my minor work. I wanna ace it, does anyone have tips or suggestions for the Drama IP performance? Thank you for helping a fellow drama kid :) Also any...
  3. Velocifire

    Subject Selection

    I need help on what subjects I should do next year. I have chosen the following subjects. English Advanced Mathematics Advanced Mathematics Extension 1 Chemistry Physics IPT Studies of Religion 1 I have gotten A's and B's in my report but have gotten recommendations that 2 or more sciences are...
  4. R

    16 units????

    i'm going into year 11 next year (2020) and so far these are my subjects: advanced english advanced maths textiles biology chemistry physics so in total this adds up to 12 units, but i also want to do a tafe course worth 4 units, so all in all I'd be studying 16 units! is that absolutely...
  5. B

    Physiotherapy help!!!!

    I was wondering if there are any bonus points for physiotherapy at Western Sydney University since apparently they do not offer bonus points for regional disadvantage. Is the 95 ATAR benchmark flexible or must I achieve a 95+ ATAR in order to be offered placement in the course? Also, does ACU...
  6. M

    Can I still get an 80+ atar?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if its still possible to get an over 80 atar. I'm in the top 10 for every subject (except maths lol) but the average for trials at my school was pretty bad so I was just wondering if its possible to get 80+. I wanna pursue a degree in nursing so I know there are...
  7. I


    Hey guys could you tell me what mark you got in your CSSA mathemtics trials? (specifically advanced). I just want to know what the average performance was like to see if I'm doing good or not or the test was too easy. It would be nice if you could also say the average in your class, what the...
  8. khlovebot

    MultiModal help plsplspls

    I did othello last term and have to do my multimodal this term. We can pick anything we want so I have no clue please send me examples. I can provide othello essay aaaaa ;w;
  9. X

    Subject selection help!!! (2019)

    My subjects are due on Friday 26 July 2019. I know I want to get into some sort of medical science degree of biomedical degree but my backup is nursing or pharmaceuticals. I was recommended by my Math teacher to take advanced math (2u) and my English teacher told me to do advanced English (2u)...
  10. K

    [HELP NEEDED] Year 11 Subject Selection

    I’m currently in year 10 moving to year 11 next year and I am in the process of selecting my courses. It is due on Thursday (25/7/2019) so all advice and replies would be much appreciated. I need to select 12 units and so far, I have chosen: Advanced English (2 units) Advanced Maths (2 units)...
  11. V

    Do I have any hope of getting into a selective high school (yr 11)?

    Hi guys, Selective high applications close in a week and I'm hoping to get mine in to a few schools, but I am freaking out about the HAST which is mandatory for some of the schools I am applying to. I did some practice tests, and I suck at mathematical reasoning, so that's great. I have no idea...
  12. 88rising

    year 11 acer hast test writing prompts

    hey guys, just to keep it short — i can not find any past prompts for the acer test that's suitable for year 11 :) if anyone has done the test and has impeccable memory, could you please tell me what prompt was asked? thank you
  13. M

    90+ ATAR?

    Hey, I'm going to sit the trials soon, was wondering if I'd be able to finish the HSC with a Band 6 for Business Studies if I got 90% in trials and the external exam. Also, is it possible for me to get a 90-92 ATAR with these marks, what should I be improving? and how much of a factor are my...
  14. H


    right, i currently trying to write my PIP and i don't know if i can use the name of the professional i interviewed.... mine is on how a late diagnosis of ASD impacts a persons ability to form relationships and their self-perception. i interviewed a psychiatrist that specialises in autism, and...
  15. M

    UOW Degree Advice !?!?!?

    Hey, I'm currently in Year 12, and I'm quite interested in Finance. I was wondering what the level of Mathematics would be like in a Bachelor of Finance & Mathematics. The assumed knowledge is Mathematics Advanced, and the recommended studies is Mathematics Extension 1. However, I only do...
  16. D

    Questions about Advanced

    1. How many poems should we learn for our comparative module? I studied Keats and there's like 7 poems but last term, I only wrote about 2 poems in comparison to my film text. 2. Would the new syllabus ask us to strictly write one text type for the creative section? So specifically an...
  17. K


    hey guys could someone answer the follow IPT questions. would really appreciate it: 1) Explain the function of the switch when many nodes are simultaneously transmitting and receiving Ethernet frames 2) Critically analyse why each Ethernet frame includes a CRC rather than a checksum or parity...