1. S

    Past papers or devote time to content for Trials?

    I've been getting mixed signals, between people who think that spending more time on really learning the content rather than doing past papers is better. And people who think that I should kill 2 birds with one stone and learn the content through trial papers - write down my mistakes etc. I see...
  2. Bob99

    PDF, CDF probabilty help

    I have been having trouble with understanding what PDF and CDF probability topics are. Can someone please give a summary with things that are unique to these functions? Such as any identities, rules, etc. Thank you.
  3. goblinslayer


    What are two separate words for ‘faster and cheaper’ that rhyme?
  4. D

    Texts for MOD A

    Hi, For school this term we are to create a ted talk about a contemporary text, which examines the endurance of one basic plot in the contemporary society. The topic for the ted talk is "People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around." and the talk must...
  5. lucywills24

    Importance of textual form...

    Can someone explain to me what the importance of textual form is, and how it serves purpose for the author's writing? Thanks!
  6. A

    need advice pls - does anyone think I can get a 98+ atar?

    English adv (ranking around 20ish/52) English ext 1 (ranking 5/9) Maths ext 1 (ranking 7ish/17) Maths ext 2 (ranking 1/7) Biology (ranking 13ish/38) Chemistry (ranking 1/16) I messed up my 3U maths and bio exams last term, which pulled my rank down by a lot, and I don't know if I'll be able...
  7. D

    Is it too late to turn it around?

    I am doing the following subjects in a top ~228 School: MX1 Eng ADV PDH Chem Bio SOR 1 For the past 2 tasks my marks have been sitting at average despite a top 3 rank in the first task of biology and a top 10 rank for Maths ADV, SOR and maybe PDH - ( we didn't get ranks yet but I got 2nd...
  8. D

    What study tips do you have for Ancient/Modern History, Advanced English/Maths?

    Hello! I've been mainly been hitting the high band 5~ish mark, but not quite getting into band 6 for Ancient and Modern History as well as Advanced English, so if you have any particular advice about what really gets you into those top bands, please do leave a comment <3 Also, any names of...
  9. Z

    Transferring to Bachelor of applied science (diagnostic radiography) usyd

    Hi! I'm currently a first-year student studying a bachelor's degree at another university. I wish to transfer to this course, however, I realized how the course only starts in semester1 2023. The course was open to an application recently, and I have applied to UAC however I do not know whether...
  10. I

    PIP help :)

    I'm currently in the midst of writing my Personal Interest Project for my SAC class. I've decided to focus on how multicultural adolescents struggle with their identity but I've gotten stuck with my chapter topics since my topic doesn't have much room to expand. I was thinking for my first...
  11. J

    Failed at UNSW previously and transferred to UTS for WAM reset. Did well at UTS, want to credit transfer back to UNSW. Will UNSW failed grades remain?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar circumstance to mine, In 2020, I started my first year in Computer Science at UNSW. I felt very unmotivated and was still feeling burnt out from HSC. My incompetence lead me to several failed grades in the 1st trimester. Following this, at the...
  12. N

    Physics Year 11 Assignment- Help me please!!!!!!!

    Hi so I was given this assessment task like a week ago, its due next week and I have no clue where to start. I, unfortunately, ended up with a teacher who isn't that great at actually teaching the content and he hasn't explained the assessment task well, so basically, everyone in my class is...
  13. R

    PIP (please help)

    Hey, so my teacher said that my PIP topic was too generic and had been done a lot in the previous years which was: "How does the negative influence of Disney material manifest in children?" With this question I was going to talk about toxic masculinity, misogynistic views and beauty...
  14. goblinslayer

    TT + HS HELPPP!!

    hi all, i’m a bit confused on how i can link patriarchal values to purity/virginity for women in the tempest, and how can i deflect this idea in Hagseed?
  15. D

    How do I manage my time?

    I'm aiming to do 4 hours a day of study. I usually get home at 3:30, have an hour and 20 minutes to myself which includes a quick nap. Then get started on my work. The thing is with 4 hours of study, breaks are essential and by the time that is finished so around 10pm, i still have a lot of...
  16. Y

    Help with Russia & The Soviet Union Essay

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is willing to read an essay I have written for the following question: Account for Stalin’s emergence as leader of the USSR by the late 1920s? I would just like some feedback about the things I did well and what I could improve on. If someone replies and is...
  17. M

    Pathway Discussion To UNSW for Bachelor International Studies

    Hey guys, i just want to ask for guidance with the current path I’m taking right now. Unfortunately I’m not eligible to enter UNSW due to my ATAR (43.10 I had a rough year 😅 and also because most of my subjects were creative based so they scaled me down by alot which sucks). Currently I’m going...
  18. lucywills24

    HELP! Chemistry emergency :(

    So I haven’t studied for chem all summer holidays and I have forgotten so much content, so I have to start back at mod 5. Can anyone please help me with this question, the answer is D but I can’t figure out why. Thanks 😊
  19. 9

    I'm going into preliminary year and HSC (12) for some subjects and terrified. HELP

    2022, I'm going into prelim with subjects -biology -chemistry -english advanced -english ext 1 -music 1 These subjects are accelerated and taking the HSC (2022) for -Maths advanced -Maths ext1 -SOR (Studies of Religion1) I haven't really consulted an expert for my subject choices just fully on...
  20. Modern4DaBois

    Question about Special Relativity

    How do relative velocities work near the speed of light. Say u r shooting a bullet that goes at 0.8c from a spaceship that goes at 0.8c, what is the velocity of the bullet relative to an observer on the ground? I know that this equation gives the answer, but could someone pls show how to derive...