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  1. behindthecan28

    scaling questions

    i know scaling isn't supposed to matter if you do really well in your subjects but i feel so regretful that most of my subjects are not well scaling, i feel like its just added pressure to get really high marks. right now i'm taking adv english, standard math, biology, business, spanish and sac...
  2. C

    ENG EXT OR GEO....???? 🚑💨💀

    Hi guys if you're reading this PLS help me out!!!! I currently have 13 units for Y12 (4u math, 3u eng, mod his, chem, geo) And I'm thinking about dropping either 3u eng or Geography but I can't choose... both have their pros and cons Drop Eng Ext, Keep Geo Drop Geo, Keep Eng ext - Geo is a...
  3. V

    Will English Standard pull my ATAR down?

    Hi, I will be completing my HSC in 2022, I am very stressed because of the alignment of English standard. My other subjects are Maths extension 2, Maths extension 1, Physics and Business studies. I am doing fine in all of these subjects, so far we haven't had a math extension 2 test yet, but for...
  4. Seedonator

    Am I screwed with Standard English?

    I'm at the end of year 11 right now and basically what's happened is in year 10 when picking my subjects for year 11, I decided to pick Standard English instead of Advanced because I hate English the most but I didn't really know about scaling for ATAR and stuff back then. Later I read that band...
  5. vivillon

    Are these subjects okay in terms of scaling?

    Hi, so I'm going into year 11 next year and was wondering if these subjects were okay. Thanks :v Math Advanced English Advanced English Extention 1 (Maybe 2, not really sure right now) Chemistry Economics Japanese Beginners Visual Arts (I want to change this to something like software engineering)
  6. F

    Is it possible to get a band 6!!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!

    Hi everyone, I've heard that the gaps between the internal ranks of students at school matter and that the internal gaps are maintained after the school marks are moderated. Is this true? If so, if a person, say, places first and attains 91% (e.g. in physics), and another places around 6th and...
  7. T

    Internal Ranks v External Ranks

    Hey! So i was wondering if i have the chance of getting a band 6 in english advanced - my school rank is pretty good its top 30 in the state, but we aren't great at english - only 20-40 people get band 6s from our cohort, but our grade in particular is expected to get around only 20 as well. My...