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  1. S

    UAC Documentation

    What documentation is a year 12 required to upload for their application (in the qualifications section)?
  2. N

    UAC round offers??

    Hiii just looking at my UAC portal and the website and they talk of all of these rounds and offers and whatnot, idfk what they mean. I thought early entry for yr12 students was sum like September and October?? **refer to screenshot what do these rounds actually offer? as a yr 12 student do i...
  3. R

    Bachelor of Oral Health/BOH offers

    Hey everyone. I really need some advice. I graduated in 2021 with a 92.20 atar. My first preference was the Bachelor of Oral Health at USYD. The indicative selection rank on their website for 2023 was 83. Firstly, they keep using the term selection rank but do not consider EAS or any other...
  4. A

    LAT and ATARs, what am i doing

    So I'm a year 12 student in sydney (and a first time forum poster, man this is weird) trying for psych / law next year. UNSW is good, but USYD looks pretty good too. I did the LAT last year (it's valid for 2 years, i think) and got a mark of 97, which is good i think. As for my ATAR, I'll...
  5. A


    I'm just wondering with the application, what sort of answers they would be looking for cause to be completely honest I cant think of a good answer for the question. "Thinking about your future self at university, what do you identify as the key challenges for you and how do you plan to manage...
  6. A

    Early Entry

    So the UAC account applications open tomorrow at 9am and I've got a few Uni's that I'm trying to apply for early entry. Just wondering what questions they would typically ask so I can prepare a response?
  7. Helpme2244

    Can I be ineligible for degree that I'm eligible for in the 1st round in the 2nd round?

    I got an atar of 88, and there's two courses I want to do. One with an atar of 92 (which I can get with adjustment points) and one with 88. I put the higher one first because i just want to see if I'm compatible for it but I don't know if I'll do it if I get it (it was a spur of the moment...
  8. G

    Is it better to apply for uni via UAC or directly? What's the difference?

    Careers advisor at school won't answer "stupid questions"... I'm just really confused about what the point of paying for UAC is when you can apply to universities directly. Does it give you a better chance of being accepted? Are you allowed to apply to a university through UAC if you've already...
  9. C

    High school ranking

    won't median ATAR give better judgment than band 6 rate in determining high school ranks in NSW?? (like in Western Australia)?? Why they don't do that instead? There are discrepancies in using band 6 rates for high school ranks as some courses are way easier than some (like maths ext2 vs maths...