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    LEGAL STUDIES LAT UNSW TEST help pls?? in two days and im stressed af

    IM CURRENTLY IN YEAR 11 2023 and the law admission test for UNSW is this thursday and i have had a try at some past papers but tbh u cant rlly study for the test cos its just writing. thank god its typed on a computer tho cos i had to hand write that stuff for 2 hours straight i think i would...
  2. M

    Pathway Discussion To UNSW for Bachelor International Studies

    Hey guys, i just want to ask for guidance with the current path I’m taking right now. Unfortunately I’m not eligible to enter UNSW due to my ATAR (43.10 I had a rough year 😅 and also because most of my subjects were creative based so they scaled me down by alot which sucks). Currently I’m going...
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    Tips for UNSW LAT Exam?

    Hey guys, I'm currently in year 11 and considering to take the LAT exam in advance, I checked the sample paper and I felt it was not that hard though. Wonder if there is anyone who attended the exam before and can tell me if the difficulty of the actual exam is similar to the sample paper, or...
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    LAT Test

    Hello, can anyone tell me what last year's LAT exam was about, and where I can find some practice, please?