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Jul 30, 2019
Hey guys, I'm currently in year 11 and considering to take the LAT exam in advance, I checked the sample paper and I felt it was not that hard though. Wonder if there is anyone who attended the exam before and can tell me if the difficulty of the actual exam is similar to the sample paper, or much harder indeed?
Also, what would be the best structure to answer the two questions? E.g the first question of the sample paper which asks me to evaluate the argument, should I only pick one side to state (either agree or disagree) and only write stuff on one side or should I write on both sides, and make a general statement which side is stronger?
I watched a video on utube about suggestions of the exam, the person who claimed to ace the exam said that I should learn some technical terms for logic fallacies and make my word choice as fancy as possible, wonder if that is really how it works?
Thanks so much!

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