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visual arts

  1. katiekms

    Are you allowed to post your BOW online?

    Im just thinking like what if it’s not allowed because of some plagiarism or copyright laws idek but i haven’t seen anything that’s addressed it at all. I wanna eventually post my BOW in places like instagram/reddit/bos for feedback and advice before the due date but i don’t know if it’s...
  2. katiekms

    Are you allowed to sign your major work paintings?

    Like, I’ve heard that you aren’t allowed to reveal your identity in your works since with your VAPD you have to cover your name and stuff so it’s not biased... but would just signing your initials in the painting or even the back be allowed? I want to do this since i do it for every other...
  3. katiekms

    Is term 1 holidays too late to start my major work?

    Unfortunately I am an avid procrastinator, so even though I knowwwww I should’ve started in the summer holidays… I well.. didn’t. I’m just wondering, have I made this impossible for myself? I’m doing some moderately large scale acrylic paintings for context. My teacher has made it quite clear...
  4. tangerines

    my experience doing 5 major works

    hi all, now that my hsc is done and dusted i wanted to come on here to share my experience doing more major works than anyone ever should, and give some advice/insight for anyone doing or thinking of doing subjects with a major work, whether that's one or more than one. last year, someone on...
  5. K

    art major work scaling

    I was wondering if major works like a VA BOW will get scaled once marked by NESA. Do they combine your BOW mark with your HSC exam mark and then scale it? thanks
  6. E

    Selling HSC NOTES - Graduated 2020

    Selling HSC NOTES: 94.1 ATAR English Advanced - Band 6 1984 essays + analysis T.S. Eliot essays + analysis Tempest analysis + essay Mod C + samples English Extension 1 - Band 6 Frankenstien Metropolis Waiting for Godot Business Studies - Band 6 Apple case study McDonald's case study...
  7. C

    Losing interest in my BOW over the holidays

    Hi all, I really need some advice right now. Basically over term 4 I worked out my concept and everything, it originally involved photography/landscapes but I've found that over the holidays my interest for it really died down. I willingly picked something that i didn't draw/do much in my free...
  8. periodmami

    Need help with what subject to drop!

    Hey! Im stuck between dropping visual arts or society & culture. Currently, I am doing - Modern History - Drama - Visual Arts - Studies of religion II - English advanced - Society and culture Im currently ranked extremely high in all of my subjects (minus art because I failed to hand in the...