visual arts

  1. K

    art major work scaling

    I was wondering if major works like a VA BOW will get scaled once marked by NESA. Do they combine your BOW mark with your HSC exam mark and then scale it? thanks
  2. E

    Selling HSC NOTES - Graduated 2020

    Selling HSC NOTES: 94.1 ATAR English Advanced - Band 6 1984 essays + analysis T.S. Eliot essays + analysis Tempest analysis + essay Mod C + samples English Extension 1 - Band 6 Frankenstien Metropolis Waiting for Godot Business Studies - Band 6 Apple case study McDonald's case study...
  3. C

    Losing interest in my BOW over the holidays

    Hi all, I really need some advice right now. Basically over term 4 I worked out my concept and everything, it originally involved photography/landscapes but I've found that over the holidays my interest for it really died down. I willingly picked something that i didn't draw/do much in my free...
  4. periodmami

    Need help with what subject to drop!

    Hey! Im stuck between dropping visual arts or society & culture. Currently, I am doing - Modern History - Drama - Visual Arts - Studies of religion II - English advanced - Society and culture Im currently ranked extremely high in all of my subjects (minus art because I failed to hand in the...