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year 10

  1. niecoups

    subject selection advice needed :’)

    hello! Im a year 10 who currently needs to be considering their subject selections and I really just have a vague idea of what I want to do but I’m really clueless in general of what is good and what is bad and all the technical stuff like being able to do a 1 unit subject, subject dropping...
  2. M

    Does business studies or modern history have more memorisation?

    I asked a similar question a while ago, but I am still in quite a predicament and can't choose between the two. I don't know anyone who does either business studies or modern history, so I was wondering if I could get some guidance. Based on the research I've done online, it seems like business...
  3. Shavi Masee

    Year 11/senior subject Selection

    I'm currently in yr 10 struggling to decide what I want to do. Should I pick based on what I want to do in the future (I still don't know, probably health related), getting a high ATAR, or what I like? My current picks are: - English Standard - Math Advanced (maybe ext 1 if recommended) - Music...
  4. babsielilou

    yr 10 work experience places?

    Hii, im looking to see if anybody knows any places for work experience that have something to do with fashion or legal in the general syd area? Ive looked online and came up empty-handed :cry:. (and before anyone suggests asking my careers advisor, she actually refuses to help us find anywhere...
  5. F

    What should i do? (Going into maths year 11 related)

    Hey recently I did a 5.3 maths test, I'm in year 10, I just finished it and I know I did really shit because I fucked up alot of the questions because of pressure My test mark before was 49% and I'm not too optimistic about the one coming up. I'm wondering if I should continue trying to do 5.3...
  6. Sir Jigger II

    Year 8-11 Selective Result Discussion

    Questions regarding selective entry after year 7
  7. h_s_r11

    Science IRP/SRP Help!

    My teacher said choose something I'm interested in and that for me if Visual Arts. I finally decided I want to research paint but I have no idea how to approach it. I'm finding it complicated to understand the theory and have no idea how I can even make a quantitative experiment out of it. Any...
  8. JPeters11

    Subject selection + How to prepare for future studies

    Greetings to all, I am not familiar to what category to post this in but I feel as if subject selection (year 10) affiliates itself with years 9 & 10. I am here to seek advice for how I can maximise my academic performance in years 11 & 12. I am currently in year 10 (term 3) and I have been...
  9. A

    Physics or Biology for prelim and hsc?

    So Im currently in year 10 choosing my subjects for year 11 and 12. As the title suggests, im a bit conflicted with choosing between either bio or physics. Ive already decided on math advanced, math extension 1, english advanced, economics, business studies and chemistry. Most of these are...
  10. R

    Looking for year 10 Exam resources

    I'm in WA but I would like some exam resources for my subjects. Im doing Math Advanced, Science Advanced, Preparation for Literature, HASS advanced and religion. If you have any past exams or tests or just useful resources from year 10 could you share them? Thanks
  11. D

    I recently got my year 11 subjects and would like to get some advice

    So for year 11, I got the subjects English advanced, Maths extension, Chemistry, Physics, and economics. I really wanted to do engineering, and I have the option to still pick it, but it is only available in line 5, where I have Economics, which I wanted to do as well, but engineering was my...
  12. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutoring help

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  13. A

    What were these science subjects like for your hsc?

    Have you done or are currently doing Physics/Chem/Bio for hsc? Do you regret it? Did you enjoy it? What was it like? How did you handle the workload? Was it worth it and was it difficult? Tomorrow is the last day before subject selection and I'm still unsure about exactly which science...
  14. easyAessay


    Not accepting submissions via this thread anymore due to a recent influx in my PMs in particular. I really enjoy checking out your writing, though, so check out my new thread, which offers marking with value for money...
  15. Bumblebee_18

    Subject Selection Help plz

    SO, I'm so so stressed for the subject selection, I'm stuck on 11 units and I can't decide on any more subjects because I'm kinda scared of what the workload and will be like. Our school interview was NOT helpful, the person in front of me kept talking and my appointment was delayed and...
  16. E

    Year 11 Subjection Selection

    Hi, I am in year 10 and am looking for advice or tips on subject selection. I am looking to study: 1. English Ext 2 2. Maths Ext 1 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Legal studies?? I am planning on dropping whatever 5th subject I choose so that I have 11 units for yr 12. I am interested in legal...
  17. K

    Year 10 Science Past Papers

    Hi, I need some year 10 Science papers for Genetics and Evolution, Chemistry (chemical reactions), ICAS/REACH and possibly physics (motion) to use for home learning. Thanks a lot!
  18. N

    Top 100 or Matrix for English?

    i'm looking to enrol in either top 100 or matrix (chatswood) in english (year 10). i'm prepared to cover the hefty price of the tutoring, but have seen mixed reviews for the english courses for both of these tutoring colleges... please help.
  19. P

    Year 9 English Analysis

    Hello, Would anyone be able to help by find some english techniques within the following piece (Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand)? I am trying describe how the beam is shown to be very heavy in it, but other than just saying it, I don't seem to be able to find anything. Thanks! The Bird marched...
  20. T


    OK SO I HAVE CHOSEN MY SUBJECTS BUT BEING THE INDECISIVE ANNOYING PERSON I AM IDK IF I WANNA CHANGE NASDKASJD: SO MY SUBJECTS ARE: - English Advanced - English Extension - Legal Studies - French Continuers - Physics - Mathematics Advanced - MODERN HISTORY Backups: Visual Arts Earth and...