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Apr 13, 2020
Hi, I am in year 10 and am looking for advice or tips on subject selection.

I am looking to study:
1. English Ext 2
2. Maths Ext 1
3. Chemistry
4. Biology
5. Legal studies??

I am planning on dropping whatever 5th subject I choose so that I have 11 units for yr 12. I am interested in legal studies, but am worried my combination of subjects will have an unmanageable workload and if I should just choose a less content heavy or 'easy' subject for my 5th one as a filler. I have heard legal studies has a lot of memorisation and content, is it impractical to choose this when I know for certain I will drop it after a year?
I am confident I can do ext 2 english, I average 100% currently for english. Maths ext 1 less so, but I am in the top few of my 5.3 class. Chemistry and biology I am definitely keeping because of the courses I want to get into for university, and both subjects interest me and I am good at. It's just the last subject I need as a filler... any advice?

Also, maths doesn't come naturally to me and if I want good grades I really have to work for them. I really enjoy maths when I understand it, but it quickly becomes overwhelming for me when I don't. I feel if I put in the work I can do well in ext 1, but how much harder is it than advanced? I know I should take ext 1 and if it's too difficult then just drop to adv, but I want to know what to expect and just how much harder it is.

Thank you!


Sep 30, 2019
I think that you have a good mix of subjects but just note that you can't do extension 2 english in year 11 unless you've done an accelerated course or something along the terms of that. The highest you can do in year 11 is ext 1 so just keep that in mind.
I think that, if you're willing to put in the effort, these subjects will work together fine. They're all quite content heavy (especially the sciences) and plus you're planning on doing both 3u and ext english so maybe it would be best to choose an 'easy' subject which you could drop in year 12. For example, popular choices are SAC, CAFS and etc...
Just make sure you're not getting into anything you won't be able to handle. For example, get some advice from teachers and see if they'd think you were capable. Although, I would say to just do the extension subjects and if you can't understand anything, drop it. However, if you're doing 12 units including extension, you may want to rethink doing only 5 'regular' subjects. If you don't like extension maths or english, pick up a subject and drop what you don't like.
I don't do 3u maths but my friends do and I believe that the content is quite different from advanced maths. If you need, I have some advanced and 3u textbooks. PM and I can send you the google drive.

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