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  1. I

    Doing really bad in year 11

    I completely flunked year 11 Term 1 (messed up most term 1 exams) and I feel hopeless, anyone have any advice on how to get the marks that I want and actually stop thinking and start doing and actually acting on it? any advice is much appreciated Thanks!
  2. LuqmanA

    😔 Failure is your best teacher!

    NOTE: This was today's edition of ATAR Digest, my weekly newsletter (if you'd like to sign up for free, please email me at Luqmanarabofficial@gmail.com) ---- 🧠 Your Mindset is EVERYTHING! Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it - Steve Maraboli The...
  3. E

    Discursive Writing Piece - Year 11 (feedback and advice)

    This writing was a small part of my Year 11 exam, with this section given a mark of 16/20. This story was written in 25 minutes under exam condition. I feel as if it was marked pretty harshly given the time (most of the markers at my school are HSC markers). Any feedback or advice is much...
  4. B

    Edutest results & transferring high schools

    Hi guys, So I went through the process to try and transfer high schools this year and I did the Edutest exam earlier this year. I put down JR and Baulko down (quite adventurous of me I know) and sent my application through with a vast amount of certificates from both extracurricular and...
  5. M

    What Is The Latest You Can Switch A HSC Subject

    According to NESA it's mid year 12 (Junish) but just wanted to know. Also is it an absolute requirement to have done the prelim course, even if its not a content heavy subject and is pretty easy?
  6. G

    Best Chemistry Tutor for Year 11

    Hey guys, So I am planning on getting a chemistry tutor for Year 11, 2024, as I'm currently in Year 10 and want one that starts a bit early in like term 3 to 4. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on tutoring centres that are good. I've been thinking about Peak HSC and Matrix, but open...
  7. T

    Early Entry in Year 11

    Hello, I have just received my first report for the first semester of year 11. I was wondering if it is possible to use that report for early entry into the UTS EDGE program or if I can even apply for this early entry scheme in year 11.
  8. L

    Thoughts on Notion

    I'm considering setting up a database on the software "Notion" for note-taking and active recall in Year 11. I was wondering how effective it is for organisation + revision, or if I should just stick to hand-written notes, Microsoft Word and Google Calendar.
  9. N

    Physics Year 11 Assignment- Help me please!!!!!!!

    Hi so I was given this assessment task like a week ago, its due next week and I have no clue where to start. I, unfortunately, ended up with a teacher who isn't that great at actually teaching the content and he hasn't explained the assessment task well, so basically, everyone in my class is...
  10. J

    subject selections year 11- HELP!!

    hi omg my subject selections are tomorrow!! i've thought out my subjects for a while and i plan on: ext eng ext math jap continuers chemistry bio But I've been getting cold feet for biology, is it really worth it doing two sciences?? Because everyone I know says that biology is a death trap and...
  11. A

    Economics vs Business studies

    Hi, I am in Year 10, and I am struggling to decide on my last 2 units for next year. These are the subjects I am definitely going to choose: English Advanced Mathematics Ext 1 Biology Chemistry Art For anyone doing either economics or business studies what are the advantages/disadvantages? how...
  12. J

    Subject Selections Yr11

    Hi! I'm new here I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my subjects for next year. So currently I'm in year 10, going to select my subjects soon. Here is what I'm leaning towards: Ext 1. Eng and Maths (6u) Japanese Continuers (2u) --> memory based which is easy for me Biology (2u) -->...
  13. S

    Is online tutoring worth it?

    It seems better to me personally predominantly because the hardest thing for many people from what I heard is balancing time and being organised tutoring and with school work. Online tutoring eliminates that so it should be better right? Has anyone who has done online tutoring seen success?
  14. M

    year 11; organisation

    hey guys! how do you recommend i organise for eco? should i use a laptop, book, etc? thank you!!
  15. M


    Hi all, I am having some minor troubles doing these questions. if you can help, that would be awesome!! 1. a) Calculate the change in PE when a student lifts a school bag of mass 10kg a vertical distance of 1.4 m above the floor. b) Calculate the PE when it is dropped. 2. A 30kg child slide...