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May 21, 2013
I am a graduate of the highest ranked schools in Sydney.
I have ranked first in:
- Mathematics (completed YEAR 11) (High Band 6)
- Chemistry (completed YEAR 11) (High Band 6)
- Maths Extension 1 (High Band 6)
- English Extension 2 (Received a State Rank)
- English Extension 1 (High Band 6)
- English Advanced (High Band 6)
- Physics (Band 6)

Subjects completed in Preliminary:
- Maths Extension 1 (2nd)
- Mathematics HSC (1st)
- English Extension 1 (1st)
- English Advanced (1st)
- Chemistry HSC (1st)
- Physics (=1st)
- Biology (1st)
- Studies of Religion (1st)

Tutoring Services are available for all of the aforementioned subjects, however I particularly specialise in English Coaching ranging from Standard to Extension 2. I also offer Medical School Application coaching and Medical School Interview Preparation Coaching.

Senior years can be quite stressful for many students, it is those who are prepared that succeed. I know what it's like to stress over assessments, and my recent experience with the curriculum gives me an edge over older tutors. I am a dedicated tutor, with numerous resources collated over several years, and and am passionate about passing on my extensive knowledge of succeeding in the HSC. I have worked for a variety of well recognised tutoring colleges, but working privately allows me to work individually with students to identify their academic goals, and gain entrance into desired tertiary study.

With my own success, and my student's success I am well versed with the structure of examinations as well as the updated curriculum, and can assist you to enter examinations well prepared, providing you with the tools to study smarter and not harder! I have assisted many students achieve their academic goals, and improve their study technique. For a short time only I will be taking on new students, and I would like to also assist you to reach your full potential. Please contact, meenatutoring@gmail.com

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