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arimerialc's raw marks (english adv. & modern) (1 Viewer)


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Feb 28, 2011
Just thought I'd post my raw marks as I know people are curious about aligning etc. The only subjects I have are English Adv. and Modern History as they were the two I was most interested in knowing how I didfor each Section. My ATAR was 96.5 by the way.

English Advanced
Paper 1
Comprehension: 15/15
Creative: 14/15
Essay (Great Expectations): 14.5/15
Paper 2
(bombed out completely here, compared to internal exams)
Mod A (W;t & Donne): 14.5/20
Mod B (Hamlet): 13.5/20 (not surprised with this as my essay had no structure whatsover and was basically an incoherent ramble)
Mod C (Smithsonian Website): 16.5/20

Raw mark: 91
Exam mark: 93

Modern History
WW1: 18/25
National Study (USA): 24.5/25
Personality (J. Edgar Hoover): 24/25
Peace and Conflict (Arab-Israeli): 20.5/25

Raw mark: 87
Exam mark: 93
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