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  • Haha !! Yeah he's my modern teacher and he said there was no lesson cos he was your year advisor and had to go to your grad. :] any beef between Mr D and your school??
    Hey :)

    I know this is weird but do you like the teletubbies?
    how's the hsc going and how is trials going?

    all the best for your remaining exams :D
    It's the one the textbook used, we haven't learnt sum to product yet though. (I think you were supposed to, as the question stated "hence" haha!) and it's supposed to be a study group, but most members are math orientated LOL, PM me your Skype details :)
    Hey Kurosaki! The x is also under the square root :smile:

    I actually added a new photo with a clearer equation if you wouldn't mind checking it out. ty

    I no longer give advice through PM because this site was designed for the benefit of all students. Therefore, please post your questions onto the appropriate board and I will have a look when I can.

    I agree with you :) I wonder if Omed will go to the meat haha. I have two assignments due next week and an exam the week after that.
    Lol that thread is hilarious but it's inappropriate for him to consider it in my opinion. Yeah, Omed/Streetboy is going to get state ranks and apparently is ranking 1st in English at Ruse haha.

    I've been good! It's a bit stressful because of assessments but that's okay. How have you been? :)
    Not much due lately, small assessments that aren't worth too much here and there, but like you, our main exam block is term 2 week 2. though i'll be overseas for a month prior to that.... so that sucks so badly! :(
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