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catholic trials/HSC (1 Viewer)

stressed monkie

im a random
Aug 10, 2003
ok i couldnt think of a better title
ok this in no way is meant to be rude or put down peoples opinions or anything like that but i have just seen (and replied) to two different threads about how unfair it was that the catholic trials and the HSC had the same questions for parts
i for one did the catholic trials and i honestly and neither did any of my friends notice that it was the same but thinking about it now i didnt even write what i wrote in the trials also many catholic schools had to amend the trials because we had not finished the topics also for those who think it was a BOS conspircacy to make catholic/private schools perform better i have to disagree with that because effectiveness is the expected question and if u look through the past papers u will notice that also i do not think in any way that the trial prepared me for it cause i and many other approx. 48 other ppl who do legal in my school did not even notice it.
so yeh and finally i think it was up to the person to study and then do the best they can because thats all that can be expected and like i said before i in no way mean this to be rude or put down peoples opinions or anything like that


Somethin' special....
Nov 7, 2002
Back in the USSR
Guys, the HSC paper was written a long time before the catholic one. It is pure coincidence, and besides, who goes into an exam expecting the same question as what they got for trials? They would have studied everything just like us.
Personally I think the questions in the independent were also very similar to yesterday's exam, but I mean there is a very good chance that effectiveness will be asked, so I don't think this disadvantages anyone.

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