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Dec 10, 2020
Hi everyone! I was wondering if people could give me some feedback on which of these essay ideas they think would be most effective, I have no idea which one to decide!

Thesis Idea 1: Challenges that arise from the necessary interaction between the individual and the collective
Paragraph 1: Trying to hold onto one's individuality in uncertainty
Conflict 1984: The Party attempts to eradicate individuality by creating a uniform yet constantly changing past shared by the entire population. However, Winston can only gain further insight into the past by seeking out relationships with others.
Conflict The Handmaid's Tale: Knowledge of Gilead's past has been distorted to eradicate the individuality from past experiences. However, Offred cannot reconnect with her daughter without information from others.
Paragraph 2: Trying to preserve humanity when surrounded by savagery
Conflict 1984: The collective experience of the two minutes hate allows for the expression of repressed emotion, yet diminishes Winston's humanity as he indulges in primitive instinct.
Conflict The Handmaids Tale: The salvagings provide the basis for the unification of the handmaid's and resistance against oppression, however doing to threatens their individual safety.

Thesis Idea 2: The detrimental and beneficial aspects of memory and knowing the past
Paragraph 1: Emotional conflict brought by an uncertain past
Conflict 1984: Uncertainty inhibits Winston's ability to critique the present, yet allows him to retain humanity through the memories of individual relationships
Conflict The Handmaid's Tale: Not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter brings emotional suffering to Offred yet provides comfort through her memories.
Challenge: The struggles that arise when the past is distorted
Conflict 1984: Struggle to retain individuality in a society where the past is artificial and uniform
Conflict The Handmaid's Tale: Struggle to retain individuality when the past has been perverted

Thesis Idea 3: The struggle to maintain individuality when stifled by societal uniformity
Challenge: Distortion of the past by governing bodies
Conflict 1984: Destruction of individuality through a uniform past, and the struggle to maintain identity through indulgence in memory.
Conflict The Handmaid's Tale: Perversion of the past through the neglect of the positive aspects of humanity, and Offred's desperation to find solace in the remaining fragments of human connection remaining in history.
Challenge: Control and unification of human autonomy
Conflict for both texts: Eradication of physical self-expression by distorting the sexual act, and reclamation of sexuality as a form of rebellion.
Conflict for both texts: Segregation between peoples and unification of groups through clothing, and how individuals find liberation in physical self-expression.



Apr 14, 2020
Use each thesis idea as 1 body paragraph each perhaps? These sound super similar to my framework body paragraphs (even the order you wrote them in) so it's worth a try. If not, choose the one with the most content and really nails what you want to get across. And besides, your related text is not required in the HSC so when formulating your HSC 1984 scaffold essay keep in mind you can talk about all three ideas as a body each.

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