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General Thoughts: Agriculture (1 Viewer)


New Member
Nov 2, 2009
Re: Where to now?

Where are you all headed now?

Any of you persuing a career in agriculture? Going to an Ag collage? Tocal or Armidale maybe?

I'm heading to Tocal next year... Cert III in agriculture, but if its too easy i'll skip up to cert IV... I got 99% as a yearly mark and hope to get a nice scholarship...

Or are you all after compleatly different careers?

Im curious how many people who took agriculture are actuarly interested in it as a career, was it just a fun subject, or easy marks???

~ Scully
I'm an ag teacher and I found the wording of the electives too difficult for HSC questions and it threw my students too....The main part was very good and fair.

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