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Girraween High school entry exam (1 Viewer)


Apr 28, 2018
your current school honestly does not matter, I made it in for next year and my current school is rank 400+,
so yeh, everyone has a chance...! :))

idk what to do honestly, should I start going tutoring and studying hardcore to match girra's level???
I havent done the interview, but from what ive heard everyone usually gets it.
if you were offered a spot then you probably wouldn't have an interview lol unless they had like major concerns or q's about subject selection. i would ask people who go to girra before you tried to accelerate yourself. i would however put a lot of work and effort into maths as the content would be very helpful next year and maths is quite a competitive subject at selective schools. also practice study habits etc so that you don't get super confronted by the overwhelming workload especially since you're going from rank 400+ to nearly rank 20.

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