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Jan 13, 2014
I'm doing Women in Old Kingdom Egypt for an assignment (speech) and i feel like i don't have enough information, even in my summary presentation Prezi.

I also feel like i'm not going to enough detail, even though it has to be 5-7 minutes (not long!).

Here's the link to my Prezi (Unfinished) :

Could someone maybe also tell me how to incorporate evidence and where to find stuff about the ancient texts, paintings, sculptures that are evidence to my information.

For example like, In a NK text, Ani the scribe wrote that the sheep were black... blah blah blah. If you can understand that..

Also can anyone think of something easy to do, like a sub-topic, smaller and easier. I have 2 days..

Please help :(


Oct 21, 2008
Though the topic is pretty restricted (can't you do NK instead of OK?), I think you have enough info. You can just pad it out with anecdotes or further elaboration on the points you made. For example, for the point 'husbands were told to remain faithful to them', I'm guessing there should be an anecdote there about that, either some bloke/woman being unfaithful or faithful. For the points on what jobs they did, like for example, on 'home jobs' further go on about what kind of daily life they led in that regard and so on. There should be sources on that somewhere on the net. What did the 'fertility rituals consist of'? Why were they restricted from temples? What did they do for 'entertainment'? What was the process of marriage like? Just imagine that you're a five year old kid reading this and asking 'why?' to every point. Find answers for this kid, and you have enough info for 5-7 minutes. Think about it like this. 700 words is 7 minutes or roughly that. 100 words should cover the intro, 100 the conclusion/summary of the presentation. Therefore, the body is 500 words, you have four to five slides with 20-25 points plus one on the scribe which is a good 100 words to cover. With the pictures, pad the hell out of them like 'As you can see the Kalasiris on this lady's body, who is probably a Nubian woman, who as a part of Egyptian society was blah blah blah'. Sources, considering if you did refer to them, I reckon you'll cover 200 words just referring to them in your speech.

For wiki, find an interesting point in the article and reference it with the end note corresponding and NOT WIKIPEDIA.

In Egyptian households of all classes, children of both sexes were valued and wanted (there is no indication that female infanticide was practiced). In addition to fertility tests, tests for pregnancy and the determination of the gender of the child were devised. One test involved watering barley and emmer wheat with the urine of a hopeful mother-to-be. If the barley sprouted, the woman was pregnant with a male child; if the emmer wheat germinated, she was pregnant with a female child. If the urine had no effect, the woman was not pregnant. Though there actually may be some scientific basis for this test--a pregnant woman produces a variety of hormones, some of which can induce early flowering in particular plants--there is no known relationship between these plants and the determination of gender. = 1 minute

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