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  • Hi Kittikhun,
    so,u do or did HSC French Continuers ?
    if it is possible,cn u gimme the audio recordings of past hsc exams if u have them ???
    please do reply
    English - Ms Panteli (pregnant)
    English Ext1 - Mr. Mackenzie
    Maths - Ms Wardman/Mr Perch
    Society & Culture - Ms Ho
    Legal Studies - Ms. Neferis
    Modern History - Ms Neferis
    History Extension - Mr Georgiou

    Yeah Georgiou is awesome in history, you'll do fine even with the generalisations i guess. I came 1st in Modern and History Extension last year btw !

    Wow you also have Ms. Ng + Nguyen. Gotta listen more carefully lol.
    I did fine! I got the 22nd highest ATAR in my grade and i'm doing B Business / B Law @ UTS!! What teachers do you have btw? History staff are the best!! ;)
    yeah its an awesome of the scariest films ive ever seen as well with the Interahamwe around machetes
    hey hey HEY! Kittikhun! :D
    Im colline's sister wahahaha, I saw your post about snobs and I was like, heeeyyyy this might be Kat's bro. So anyway, hi :D
    I remember reading that you taught yourself french? I was just wondering what textbooks you used or whether you can recommend any? (As I've been told to stay away from learning it at Uni :/ )
    Thanks. xo
    In regards to ur thread on 'snob berry', just stay away from Sydney uni. Its not horrible but has plenty of people who think their elitists
    Yeah the F-22 would be nice, but it looks like we're getting the F35's almost certainly now. I'm hoping that I get placed with the E/F model Hornets, rather than the classic ones, since that would save extra training when the classic ones are retired. Plus, it's a much nicer aircraft. :D

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, it's going to be tough - but a hell of a lot of fun.
    Hey man, sorry for the late reply, haven't been on BOS too much recently. Anyway, like most people i'm hoping for the fast jets in the Hornet family, but its based off my results at 2FTS, so sure - I might want to be a fighter pilot, but if I do shit at 2FTS they'll shove me in transport. ;)
    HI. Year 10 wears the white blouse/shirts! year 11 and 12's wear the blue versions! LOL @ Mahoney.
    You can answer any question in Section II and Section IV regardless as to whether or not you have studied. You can answer any Personality - again regardless as to whether or not you studied but...

    you have to do one from each section - so one National Study, one Personality and one International Study - if you did the Conflict in Europe question instead of Leni you will get zero for it but if you did Conflict instead of say Indo-China you are fine.
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