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Aug 22, 2019
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Since this is targeting a Section III response, the recommendation that needs to be made will be made in relation to a particular stimulus. This constitutes the starting point. Here, you need to ensure that you have read and understood the stimulus. Once you have done this, you should identify the information from the stimulus that is relevant to the "recommend" question that you will be answering.

The next step is to identify the relevant syllabus dot point(s) which will guide you in terms the information/content that you will include as part of your recommendation. This step should be straightforward since all it requires is a good understanding and knowledge of the Business Studies syllabus and content. This step is also applicable to questions as part of the other sections.

The final step is to consider the best possible recommendation(s) to be made based on the stimulus and the question. It is important that you make a recommendation that would enable you to establish a direct link to the stimulus, as opposed to a more general recommendation which, while it would technically be correct information, may not be directly to the stimulus/may not enable you to establish an effective connection with the stimulus.

We can try applying these steps to Question 25 from the 2022 HSC exam:
  1. The relevant question reads "recommend a channel choice that would suit this business’s expansion".
  2. Notice that the question specifically requires you to recommend a channel choice. This dot point falls under place/distribution, which belongs to marketing strategies. This dot point covers intensive, selective and exclusive distribution.
  3. From the stimulus, we can infer that intensive distribution would not be appropriate for this business, and that you should recommend either selective or exclusive distribution.
I hope this helps! :D

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