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Le continuers est bel et bien MORT! J'ai dit «MORT»!!! (1 Viewer)

How did you go?

  • I killed it.

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  • I maimed it.

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  • Je lui ai fait mal.

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • Je l'ai giflé.

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Je suis complètement, totalement, entièrement, foutu(e).

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Oct 11, 2004
i did section b for both 12 and 13.

for qn12 i said how i wanted to be a journalist in a foreign newspaper and if i stayed in france i could improve my french. and then i went on about my french boyfriend, pierre :p

qn 13 i talked about piercings and tattoos and extreme fashions and how young people need them to be different coz there's so many people in the world blah blah blah

the listening i thought was a lot easier than i thought it would be, comprehensions were fine and for R&R part B i just went on about how the movies were so much better than DVD's but i thought that they were good for when movies leave the cinema and stuff like that.

so yeah, i thought it went ok :)

child obesity question i think she said 20% of kids will be obese in 5-10 years.
bugger. i said that kids 5-10 yrs old were overweight and that one in every 20 people were obese. but then again i really had no idea.


Parlez Francais!
May 6, 2004
Lost in Translation...
poiuytrewqwerty said:
Hey, did anyone else have two 2 unit exams on the same day? ie. 6 hours of exams? Like Persephone87, I had ancient and french on the same day, and it was so bad. I probably did really badly in ancient, and french I did OK, but some things were unexpected, yet overall it was a moderate exam, good marks were quite achievable. Anyway, I just thought it was extremely unfair to put students through such pressure, and to make it worse...the study was just unbearable, since there is so much content to know, let alone the bredom that sets in whenever i open my ancient history folder and blow the dust off the sheets!

What does everyone else think about this? Having 2 exams in one day? Personally, i think i have DVT (Deep Vain Thrombosis...where ur blood clots or sumthing if u dont move your legs around for ages and then they feel really sore afterwards....like on a plane)

So tell me what you all think.
I completely agree.

It was okay in the first hour and a half, I thought I did really well in the listening and the comprehension, but I suddenly lost steam. I finished the exams no probs, but the writing questions were stupid and I was syupid writing them.

6 hours of exams are seriously uncool. And after that, I had extention history on the next day!

I feel marginalised.

edit: oh btw, I have RSI (Repetitive strain injury) in my thumb :( it hurts to touch anything and when im not using it, it is numb.


New Member
Apr 4, 2004
poiuytrewqwerty said:
Hey, did anyone else have two 2 unit exams on the same day? ie. 6 hours of exams?
i had ancient and french as well, PLUS i had chem and pdhpe 2 weeks before that. sitting still for 6 hrs sans moving is seriously unfair, mecs. for it to occur twice is worse! but my wrist was strangely ok, unlike after paper 2 when i had hotpacks on my wrist for the whole night. it hurts to remember that!

ah well j'ai fini maintenant - although not from my school, i tried to sign out this morning and get my reference (made the 1 hr trip to school) and that was the only thing i had to do, cos i'd already taken my textbooks back and got my signout sheet completely signed. however, i'd forgotten to bring back a hard copy of patchwork girl (eng ext hypertext) but i saw my teacher in the corridor and told her i'd bring it back at our conveniently placed bbq (20th dec), expecting her to say tat it was fine because she's always been a champ. instead, she raced me to the office and proceeded to tell the office ladies to blackmark me so i couldn't sign out until i had brought it back. it's not like it was needed, it was merely a hardcopy of a hypertext which you're supposed to read on the pc anyway. so then, because it was after 9am, i had to make the 2 hr trek home empty-handed.

i needed to vent.

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