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Sep 2, 2020
If you require assistance with English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Business Studies and/or Legal Studies feel free to contact me. I've been a tutor for 5 years and have recently undertaken 13 HSC students - I have been accumulating my resources based on feedback from HSC markers and advisors, past student success and training provided by large tutoring corporations. I'm currently a law and commerce and completed the HSC in the class of 2021 as a high achiever completing 4 units of English, business studies, and legal studies, and am providing one-to-one private lessons, 7 days a week to HSC students who have shown stark improvement in their marks. Individual learning packages containing past trial papers, personal annotated exemplar responses, customised feedback, student review sheets, and note-taking documents are provided to each student based on their individual needs and the hsc requirements. My end goal is to improve the ability of a student, and best prepare them for the HSC with confidence. I currently have available slots for students who are interested - feel free to email for further information regarding lessons :)

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