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Jan 12, 2015
English is impossible to learn: you’re either good at it or not.

This is the kind of mindset a lot of students enter after being disappointed by average materials taught by average teachers which in turn gives them average marks. But what if you’re finally being taught the right way to learn English with the right materials and the right tutor who has time to talk to you about you?

Hi! My name is Anqi. Firstly, let’s begin with some facts about me:

1. I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School 2013 with a 99.55 ATAR
2. I graduated from WSU Medicine in 2019 with my MBBS
3. I have 7 years of tutoring experience, 5 years specialised in English
4. I have taught over 100 students in the course of my tutoring career
5. I am taking a year off from medicine to pursue my passion in helping high school students build skills and confidence in English, arguably the hardest subject of the HSC (and the only compulsory one!)

Now that that’s all out of the way I wanted to share with you how I approach English. English needs structure. It is not in all of us to write as well as Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien and Oscar Wilde do, but it is in all of us to learn how to write with strong logic and clarity.

High School English focuses on:
• textual analysis
• Analytical essays
• Imaginative writing
• Discursive writing
• Persuasive writing
• Speeches

The right structure and right method and right teacher need to align for a student to begin improving. I have devised a system that helps students practise English as they do for any other subjects. I have incorporated my years of experience, countless discussions with students and parents and the structures taught to us at James Ruse Agricultural High School into a course that will change how students view English.

I focus on:
• breaking concepts down into its simplest pieces
• Providing personalised feedback for each student
• Providing exemplars and sample answers - because reading what is correct 1000 times is truly what will help students start writing perfect answers
• Giving short textual analysis drills to students so they expand their reading and basic English literature knowledge

With the current developments in COVID 19, I have moved my lessons online with the state-of-the-art web conferencing platform - Zoom. Equipped with a digital whiteboard and online feedback system, our online classroom has been proven perfect for English learning and I now provide feedback in a way that:
• can’t be lost (the downfall of paper)
• Is continuous (so parents can see improvements and comments)
• Can be shared with parents

Although COVID 19 has greatly impacted all of our daily living, it is important to not fall behind, especially as schools encourage students to stay home. The HSC for this year is still running so assessments and important tests will not stop because of this pandemic, so I will continue to provide English support for all students who must not stop learning either.

Come for a free trial lesson online and experience our English learning system first hand!

Please Call: 0410999575
Or email:

To book a free trial today


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May 30, 2021
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Thanks for sharing! You are right, nowadays it's not easy to find a tutor who will help you understand the language, not cram it. The problem is especially relevant on the web, where un-employed guys try to find easy ways of earning. I don't get that approach since you will be fired after the first lesson. What's the point? As for non-English, maybe it's even better to learn it by yourself. There are a lot of web resources with educational materials, such as quotation marks worksheets. Your track record inspires confidence, I wish you success in finding clients.

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