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Relationship Problems (1 Viewer)


Aug 29, 2021
I know it was only 19 years ago but you should really give it a try. Keep me updated.


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Aug 25, 2022
berrry the fake icq account exccessive phone calls and being so nice getting her the gifts (thats funny dude). all that work and where did it get you????
you be nice and bitches spit on you. Be a man berrry. To be honest dude, your pretty much doomed i would personally move onto the next one. Although people have beeen in worst positions and stilll scored the meat the chances of it happening are so slim. Id just go onto the next one.

What you should have done is get a fake msn account, then you get someone she doesnt know to go on web cam..and get her naked.

Then you get it and tell her - ur friend had a video of her naked etc, but dont make it like you were the one who set it up, just make it like a coincidence.

Then she will suck your dick for you to make ur friend destroy it.

The best chance you have though ---- is give her space make her think your not interested. Then if you ever get into a convo with her you should bring up about when you were young how stupid it was etc i dont know what i was thinking etc. etc. Compliment chicks like ---- you have a perculiar look -- you look different.

99% of girls are so totaly insecure about their looks and even the rest of their lives. They are under alot of pressure and you should exploit it.

Dont complement her etc make her feeel insecure --- but in a nice way. Dont be rude to her..but use language that can have 2 meanings so you can pretend your being nice but really your just making her think and get insecure.

Even if it doesnt work, it might make her get depressed etc and she deserves it cos she was a bitch to you.
2004 was a different time by the looks of things

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