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Phoenix 12

Feb 28, 2011
Uni Grad
If the question had asked for management roles, it would have definitely specified those terms.
So in this case, the only dot points they're asking for is, 'Responsibilities to stakeholders- reconciling conflicts of interest.'
So you would explain what it means to reconcile conflicts of interest. It says to use an example, so its actually asking for you to make up a hypothetical situation, or use a case study.
Eg. I said that consumers/community wanted businesses to be ecologically sustainable, but owners/shareholders would have problems with this because of the financial costs to them. Hence, at Target a manger proposed that they ban all unenvironmentally plastic bags, and encourage customers to bring their own, or charge 10C for a biodegradable bag. And the problem is solved.
Apologise in advance for the extremely delayed response but your post got my attention. I essentially said the same thing as you, howber I said management wants to pursue ecological sustainability to improve their corporate image which conflicts with the profitability interests of shareholders. As a solution I said that management could tie pay to profitability that way they are likely to maintain proftiability even with the new ecologically sustainable practices as well as maintain profitability for the shareholders as their pay will be dependent on this. That way both interests are served. Could someone please verify this because its giving me the shits lol

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