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Website requirements (1 Viewer)


Dec 7, 2007
I'm doing a website for extention 2 this year, but am having a few problems.
We're having a combined class with two of the other schools in town and the guy who's teaching us is also overseas until a couple of days before school starts in January. This year's teacher was SUPPOSED to be organising a meeting for everyone doing it, so that we could get all the requirements and stuff and get started on the holidays. By the time I left to go to Germany on an exchange the week before classes ended, this meeting was yet to happen. One of my friends who is also doing e2 was supposed to be taking notes for me, and emailing me all the necessary information, if the meeting happened while I was away. This is also yet to happen.
I got information about last year's course from one of my friends, but I left it back in Australia, because I had way too much luggage, and aside from thinking that I'd be getting stuff emailed to me while I was away, I didn't really want to make a start, and discover that they'd changed the requirements or something.
So I was wondering if anyone could give me the requirements for making a website this year. You can post them here, or email me (my address should be in my profile).



0101 0000
Jan 3, 2008
East of the Hole, Central Coast
I'm doing a website too, and I found the guidelines to be unhelpful and quite ambiguous.

15-40 screens of 'substantial text'
Must relate to the study of English
Must be original
Must be submitted by hard-copy and not on the internet.
Must have all the data on the CD-Rom required to run properly.
Must run on IE or Netscape
A logic map (storyboard I suppose they mean) should be submitted as well
A coversheet with the centre and candidate number on it must be included
A reflection statement must be included

Brilliant guidelines, dont you think?

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