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Aug 2, 2019
Hey, I just saw and read your post thoroughly, please don't panic and obsessed with these low grades, as in today's digital world, there are many ways you can help yourself.

before moving ahead I like to say that please don't hesitate to message me if you wanna talk.

And also, special thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of their message. I can understand this means a lot. Don't lose patience and hope everything can be achieved with hard work and hard work only pays when you do it on a right track. You seem like a great boy who loves his family and I hope they love you the same that's why they shifted you to a better country in hope that you get a better life. You can learn any language or subject with ! with reasonable price. Don't waste time on what you don't know, instead move ahead with learning and grow better each day.
Let me know if you need help with anything, I'm available here, and once again take care of yourself and message me if you need anything!

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