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  • lol introduce me to them sometime
    im scared might end up being reject
    coz i'll be the dumbest there..i suppose
    are any on bos?

    o i've heard of her
    i think
    one of friends mentioned her when i was like "did our school ever have smart kids?"
    lol you heard about it before? o_O

    hope you like it man (Y)
    sooo mmany kids in that school btw
    or so i've heard..
    pwnage man
    your so close to 100th post (Y)
    woot tomorrow and then im free for a week or so xD
    black wattle
    this chick from my schools going ther as well
    its alright, i've heard.
    lol for modern and legal only? really? =p
    pssht..i wouldnt if i were you...well depends on your current school...how is it?
    o and me goes nsb XD
    what do you reckon you'll get for thhe sc?
    which school you going to?
    lol hi five i got an 'enrolment day' as well
    same. they think its a big deal.

    nm actually. not gonna do much until after computing. wbu?
    aw man your lucky..free from today...
    heh I was aiming for 100 in maths and I was practicing not to make stupid mistakes but I'm pretty sure I lost at least 1 mark for the last question :( also I didn't know the translation one for correct/incorrect
    dw man
    it gets scaled heaps
    atleast thats what i've been told
    meh its the SC either way

    you gonna do much for computing?
    i got mine on friday...
    i dont get it..you guys have it tomorrow o_O
    i reckon i did good in science...stuffed up maths
    well i pretty much deserved to
    got cocky
    lmao..i barely studied..just sat with the book next to me...not really studying...wbu?
    watchu think you'll get?
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