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  • Ohhh dam, that would have sucked heaps... :( Ah well, I guess as they always say, quality not quantity?? CHeer up, NO MORE ENGLISH WEEE :D
    Yeaaah A was Frankrunner, which was a pretty okay question? Oh no you had speeches for B, had you studied the specified one? :( I had Hamlet, and freaked out massively... and for Mod C was Smithsonian Website, which was a heaps broad question! How was your Mod C question??
    I don't think my best will reach my parent's expectations, but hey, I guess it is MY Hsc :)
    Thanks for the positive rep lovely! I tried my best haha, I hope it was enough!! :)


    bio , chem , physics , adv eng , extention maths and PDHPE

    lookin at ur subs do u wanna be an engineer ? :)
    OMG u do geography, have you got your textbooks, if you have isn't it very heavy and thick but on the bright side it is very colorful don't you think :p:p
    youtubes there for that ;)
    anything gay and cat (asian as well actually..nigahiga and stuff) related is pretty much a viral on the net
    lol i can't do the latter..i guess i'll have to do something gay to gain any youtube fame XD
    imo pets such a waste of money :p
    pointless liability
    but ye..i am a cheap asian after all :)
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